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Undefeated Texas Bus Accident Lawyers

Texas Bus Accident Lawyers with the Largest Wins in History

Our Undefeated Bus Accident Lawyers have earned nationwide acclaim for successfully taking on the largest bus companies in the country and consistently winning record-setting recoveries for our clients, including the #1 largest verdict and the #1 largest settlement in history again the biggest commercial bus company in the US.

Aware of our unmatched record of success, bus companies know that once our Bus Accident Attorneys are on the case, they only have two choices: offer a settlement that fully compensates our clients and their families for all their injuries and damages or risk a record-setting verdict at trial — where we remain undefeated.

If you were hurt or lost a loved one to a bus accident, we’re ready to help you hold the bus company and its driver accountable. For years, our legal team has been representing accident victims involved in Houston car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, railroad crossing accidents, bicycle accidents in Houston, TX, work injury accidents, and more.

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Why Choose Us as Your Bus Accident Lawyers

While nearly every personal injury lawyer claims to represent clients in bus accident cases, very few can claim to have taken on the largest commercial bus carriers in the country, and even fewer can say they’re undefeated. As our track record confirms, our Bus Accident Lawyers Don’t Just Win for our clients – We Break Records!

How are we able to consistently achieve our record-breaking results?

  • We’ve acquired a deep knowledge of the federal regulations governing commercial bus operations, and we know how to use that knowledge to prove the company and its driver were at fault.
  • We understand the tactics a bus company and its team of lawyers will use to avoid responsibility for a crash, and we know how to counter their maneuvers.
  • We never accept anything less than the maximum compensation available.
  • And, most importantly, we’re always ready for trial when a bus company refuses to negotiate in good faith.

Because of our continued success—both inside and outside the courtroom—our bus accident attorneys are frequently sought out by the media and other lawyers after serious crashes. For example, firm founder and Managing Partner Ryan Zehl was asked to appear on KMOV-4 to provide context and insight following a deadly Greyhound bus accident in Southern Illinois.

But it’s not just our record-setting recoveries or our undefeated record in the courtroom that set our bus accident lawyers apart. Unlike many other personal injury law firms, we understand that our clients are more than merely case numbers. From locating and ensuring they’re able to see the best doctors and medical providers in the country to creating financial plans and establishing trusts to secure their children’s and loved one’s futures, we’re always there for our clients and their families—even long after their cases have been successfully resolved.

But don’t just take our word for it. To see what our clients say about their experiences with our Undefeated Bus Accident Lawyers, check out our Client Testimonial Page and our Results Page.

Our Success in Bus Accident Cases

Our Undefeated Bus Accident Lawyers have helped over 1,000 bus accident victims obtain the maximum compensation possible for their injuries and losses:

$18.8 Million Bus Accident Verdict

After successfully arguing that one of the nation’s largest bus companies had hired an unqualified driver, Ryan Zehl won an $18 million verdict on behalf of two clients after a three-week jury trial in Dallas County. The verdict is the #1 largest ever awarded in the bus company’s history.

$11 Million Drunk Driving Settlement

Our Bus Accident Lawyers won an $11 million settlement on behalf of two clients who sustained severe injuries when an intoxicated bus driver flipped his vehicle. Our crash investigation revealed that one of the nation’s largest bus companies systematically failed to test its drivers for alcohol use. What’s more, all drivers at the company’s local terminal were completely unsupervised for months leading up to the crash.

Our Bus Accident Attorneys recovered a $9 Million settlement against one of the nation’s largest bus companies on behalf of two passengers injured when a fatigued bus driver with untreated Obstructive Sleep Apnea fell asleep at the wheel. The settlement was the largest in the company’s history involving a fatigue-related crash and was covered by the CBS Morning Show and other major media outlets.


$6 Million Bus Accident Settlement

Our bus accident attorneys negotiated a $6 million settlement for a client who injured her neck when the bus she was traveling on rear-ended a work truck. The bus company—one of the largest in the country—disputed our client’s injuries and claimed that the work truck was responsible for the collision. However, less than a month after we deposed the bus driver and the company’s head of safety, the bus accident case settled for over 10 times the company’s initial offer.

$5.5 Million Settlement in a Distracted Driving Bus Accident

Our Bus Accident team obtained a $5.5 million settlement on behalf of a client who suffered a fractured leg in a crash. During the driver’s deposition, he admitted to using his phone 15 times in the 30 minutes before losing control of the bus.

$7 Million Settlement in Rollover Bus Crash

Our firm recovered a $7 million settlement on behalf of a client who suffered a broken arm and herniated disk in her neck due to a rollover bus accident.

We Understand Bus Accidents

According to the National High Traffic Safety Administration, on average, 21 motorcoach and large bus occupants are killed, and 7,934 are injured, every year as a result of highway accidents. While any motor vehicle crash is dangerous, a bus accident is more likely to result in serious injury and even death compared to those involving other vehicles due to

  • Weight and Size. Their massive weight makes buses far more difficult to maneuver, and they require much more room to brake than the typical vehicle on the road, especially at a high rate of speed. A higher profile and higher center of gravity mean buses are also much more susceptible to rollover accidents.
  • Lack of Safety Devices: Buses lack many safety devices standard on other vehicles, such as airbags to reduce the potential for impact injuries, or seatbelts to prevent passengers from being ejected from their seats.

While there are many reasons a bus might crash, in our experience, negligence on the part of the bus company, its driver, or both directly cause or contribute to the majority of bus accidents and the resulting injuries, including:

  • Fatigued Driving: While the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has clear restrictions on hours of service for commercial drivers, not all bus companies observe these regulations. Bus drivers who work long hours or irregular shifts are more likely to lose focus while driving or even fall asleep at the wheel.
  • Distracted Driving: Simply sending a text message while maintaining a speed of 55 mph can cause a driver to travel the length of a football field without looking at the road.
  • Intoxicated Driving: A bus driver endangers themselves and their passengers when they drive under the influence of mind-altering drugs or alcohol. Driving requires a person’s full faculties, and any substance that affects a bus driver’s judgment increases the risk of a crash.
  • Speeding: Because of their height and weight, buses are harder to stop and more likely to roll over in the event of a crash. Yet because of tight schedules imposed by the bus companies, far too many drivers feel they have no choice but to speed in order to arrive at their destinations on time.
  • Mechanical Defects: Any defective component on a bus, from malfunctioning lights, brakes, and tires to faulty seats and latches on overhead storage compartments, can potentially lead to a crash or increase the risk of injury in the event of an accident.
  • Inadequate Maintenance: FMCSA regulations mandate that bus companies perform regular vehicle inspections and maintenance. When a company fails to do so, an accident could result from a preventable mechanical failure.

Because a bus crash is more likely to be a mass casualty event with multiple catastrophic injuries and deaths, verdicts and settlements awarded in bus accident cases tend to be much larger as well, and in our firm’s experience, often break records. With multi-million dollar payouts on the line, negligent bus companies and their insurance adjusters will do anything to avoid responsibility for a crash, including “misplacing” or destroying critical evidence proving the company and its driver were at fault.

You don’t want to fight them alone, which is why it’s so critical that you hire an experienced bus accident lawyer with a proven history of success against the largest truck bus companies in the country.

What to Do After a Bus Accident

Commercial bus companies like Greyhound, Coach USA, MegaBus, and others are classified as common carriers and, as such, are subject to stricter regulations and held to a higher standard of care than typical drivers. They are deemed negligent when they fail to meet their duty of care, and passengers harmed due to their negligence are entitled to compensation for any damages they incur due to their injuries.

However, with a bus company and its attorneys prepared to do whatever it takes to avoid responsibility for a crash, your actions in the moments, hours, days, and weeks following a commercial bus accident could well determine whether you receive maximum compensation or all of your injuries and losses or walk away with nothing:

  1. Call 911: Reporting the accident will bring needed help to the scene as quickly as possible. The resulting police report will also serve as crucial evidence proving the bus company and its driver are at fault.
  2. Document as Much as Possible: If it’s safe and you’re in shape to do so, take photos and videos of the crash scene, including damage to the bus, other vehicles, and road conditions.
  3. Gather as Much Information as You Can: If possible, write down the bus driver’s name, the name of the bus company and its DOT number (located on the side of the vehicle), the license plate number of all vehicles involved, the name of the bus driver’s insurance company and the policy number, and names, phone numbers, and addresses of any witnesses.
  4. Seek Medical Attention: Even if you don’t think you were hurt, you should still get checked out at the scene or the hospital. Not all injuries are immediately apparent, especially when adrenaline is high after a crash. Seeking medical attention ensures your injuries are documented and helps prove they were caused by the crash.
  5. Don’t Sign Anything or Make Any Statements: Always remember that the bus company’s insurance adjuster isn’t working for you and is only interested in minimizing your injuries, blaming others for the accident, and paying you as little as possible. It’s not in your interest to sign anything, provide a recorded statement or even speak to the adjuster, and you’re under no obligation to do so.
  6. Follow All Medical Advice and Keep All Doctor’s Appointments: Any failure to follow doctor’s advice or skipped medical appointments allows the bus company and its insurer to question your injuries and pay you less than your case is worth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bus Accidents

I Was Injured While Riding as a Passenger on a Bus. Who Can I Sue?

Because commercial bus companies are legally responsible for ensuring their buses and drivers are safe for passengers, the company can typically be sued in the event of a crash. However, depending on the circumstances of a bus accident, there may be other liable third parties, including the bus driver, the manufacturer of the vehicle or any of its components, and a mechanic responsible for maintenance and repairs.

I was Injured in a Bus Accident Months Ago. Can I Still Recover Medical Expenses?

Most states have a statute of limitations of two years, meaning you must file a lawsuit within two years from the date of a commercial bus accident. If you fail to file before the statute of limitations expires, you’ll be forever barred from pursuing a bus accident case. That being said, it’s in your best interest to contact an experienced bus accident lawyer as soon as possible after a crash to ensure your rights are protected and prevent the destruction or disappearance of driver logs, maintenance records, and other evidence needed to prove the bus company and its driver were at fault for your injuries.

My Loved One Was Injured or Killed in a Bus Accident, Who is Responsible?

If someone you love was injured or killed in a bus accident, the bus company is generally responsible for any damages incurred by the victim and their family due to the crash. However, depending on the circumstances of the accident, the bus driver and certain third parties, including vehicle and equipment manufacturers and maintenance contractors, may also bear some responsibility for the resulting injuries and losses.

What Kind of Recovery is Available For Bus Accident Victims?

Generally speaking, victims of commercial bus accidents are entitled to recover damages for past and future medical expenses, past and future lost wages, physical impairment, disfigurement, and mental anguish. Families who lost a loved one in a bus crash are also entitled to recover expenses incurred due to the loved one’s wrongful death, such as funeral expenses and loss of inheritance.

Am I Entitled to Money for Pain and Suffering After a Bus Accident?

Most states allow those injured in connection with bus accidents to pursue damages for pain and suffering, including the pain associated with their physical injuries and the mental anguish and psychological distress resulting from their injuries.

Do I Have Any Special Protections as a Passenger on a Bus?

Bus companies are considered common carriers, meaning they owe the highest duty of care to the passengers. They are legally required to do everything possible to ensure passengers arrive at their destination safely.

Does My Lawyer Need to be in the Same State Where the Bus Accident Occurred?

No. Your bus accident lawyer can be from any state you prefer. In fact, our firm has represented clients in bus accident cases all over the United States. Regardless of their location, it’s important to retain a bus accident attorney with a record of success against the largest commercial bus companies in the world.

Contact Our Undefeated Bus Accident Lawyers for a Free Consultation at 1-888-603-3636

Don’t let the bus company take advantage of you after seriously injuring you or a loved one by offering substantially less than your case is worth.

Our Undefeated Bus Accident Lawyers have successfully represented thousands of bus accident victims who were seriously and catastrophically injured because of negligent bus companies and reckless, fatigued, and impaired bus drivers. As our history of record-breaking verdicts and settlements confirms, we know how to win against the largest transportation companies in the nation.

Call 1-888-603-3636 or use our contact form to connect with our Undefeated Bus Accident Lawyers today.

Your consultation at our Houston law office is free. And because we only represent clients on a contingency basis, you’ll pay nothing unless we win your bus accident case.

What our Houston Bus Accident Clients Are Saying About Us

What our Houston Bus Accident Clients Are Saying About Us

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