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Greyhound Bus Accident Lawyer Ryan Zehl Gives Interview on $6 Million Settlement

Greyhound bus accident lawyer Ryan Zehl gave an interview yesterday on the $6 Million Settlement that Zehl & Associates obtained from Greyhound as a result of a lawsuit from a Fatigue Related crash.

The settlement is one of the largest ever paid in Greyhound’s history.

Greyhound Bus Accident Lawyer

In the interview, Zehl explained how a Department of Transportation (DOT) medical examiner suspected Greyhound’s driver of having Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) less than a month before he crashed and specifically recommend that Greyhound have the driver undergo an overnight sleep study — called a polysomnography.

Greyhound, however, ignored the doctor’s recommendation and allowed the driver to get back on the road without any additional screening or testing.

Just 2 days later, the driver lost consciousness while driving the fully-loaded Greyhound bus on Interstate 70 just north of Cincinnati, sending it off the highway and into an adjacent cornfield, where the bus rolled over.

The crash severely injured over 20 of the passengers onboard, including our client Ruthie Allen, who was airlifted to a nearby hospital where she spent approximately 45 days.

Greyhound Bus Accident Lawyer Obtained the First Court-Ordered Sleep Study in History

Following the crash, our bus accident lawyers obtained a court order that required the Greyhound driver to undergo the very sleep study that the DOT doctor had previously recommended to Greyhound.  This was the first time, in reported history, that a law firm has successfully compelled a commercial motor vehicle driver to obtain an overnight sleep study as a result of a fatigued driver.

As the DOT doctor suspected, the sleep study confirmed that the Greyhound driver had “moderate to severe” Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a medical condition that should have disqualified the driver from driving a bus or any other commercial vehicle.

Had Greyhound simply followed the DOT doctor’s recommendation and had the driver tested, this collision would have been avoided.

#1 Largest Verdict and Settlement against Greyhound in the Past 5 Years

If you or a loved one were injured in a Greyhound bus accident, don’t trust your future to the company and its insurance adjusters.

In just the past 5 years alone, our bus accident lawyers have recovered the #1 Largest Verdict and the #1 Largest Reported Settlement in Greyhound’s corporate history and successfully represented over 100 passengers who were injured on Greyhound’s buses.

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