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Hurricane & Flood Damage Claims

Undefeated Texas Hurricane & Flood Damage Lawyers

Our Hurricane and Flood Property Damage Lawyers have won Billions and represented thousands of Texans who lost their homes and businesses as a result of the tremendous wind and water damage caused by Hurricanes, Floods and other catastrophic storms.

The first thing we do when we’re hired in a case is send our team of experts, including Public Adjusters and former insurance appraisers, to immediately conduct an extensive, independent appraisal of the damaged property in order to demonstrate that the insurance company has substantially undervalued or improperly denied our client’s claim.

What distinguishes our Hurricane and Flood Damage Attorneys from other law firms is that, even though many of our cases are successfully resolved before trial, if the insurance company refuses to offer a settlement that fully compensates our clients for their losses, they know we won’t hesitate to take the case to trial, where our trial lawyers remain undefeated.

If Your Home or Business was Damaged During a Storm or Hurriance and Your Insurance Claim was Underpaid or Denied, Call 1-888-603-3636 or Click Here for a Free Consult

The Insurance Company’s Duty to their Insureds

As a policyholder, you’re owed a Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing from your insurance company. This duty requires your insurance carrier to act in good faith in when evaluating, processing and valuing your claim.  Under the Texas Insurance Code, your insurance carrier can be subject to interest, penalties and additional damages in the event that they improperly delay, deny or underpay your claim.

In order to get your insurance carrier to timely pay the full repair or replacement cost of your property, however, you’re going to need the help of an Experienced Hurricane Damage and Insurance Dispute Lawyer.

Our Undefeated Hurricane & Flood Damage Lawyers have the experience and resources to ensure that you’re fully compensated for all your property damages, that you receive additional damages for the wrongful refusal or underpayment of your claim, and to make your insurance carrier expedite your claim as quickly as possible.

What does a Typical Texas Homeowners’ Policy Cover?

Most standard homeowners’ policies in Texas will cover:

  • Home: Any structural damage to the home and adjacent structures like a garage, a fence, etc.
  • Personal Property: theft of or damage to personal belongings within the home.
  • Uninhabitability: Any living expenses resulting from loss of use of the home due to damage.
  • Mold: Most mold damage, as long as the mold is the result of a covered loss under the policy.

Insurance Companies Know that When they Deny or Underpay Our Clients’ Claims, We’ll Take the Case to Trial —Where our Lawyers Remain Undefeated

Houston, Rockport and other residents along the Texas Gulf Coast who lost their homes during Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Ike contacted our hurricane lawyers, complaining that their insurance company is coming back with appraisal values that are substantially less than the actual cost to fix or rebuild their homes and businesses.

Having represented thousands of home and business owners who suffered property damage during past hurricanes and catastrophic weather events, we have the experience and team of experts, including engineers and public adjusters, to ensure that your damages are property evaluated and that your claim is timely paid.

And, most importantly, the insurance companies know that if they don’t pay our clients their full damages, we’ll take the case to trial, where our lawyers remain undefeated.

The Insurance Company’s Deadlines to Either Pay or Deny your Claim

Under the Texas Insurance Code, insurance companies are required to pay claims in a “timely and prompt manner”.

Once the property owner files a claim with their insurance company, the company is required to:

  • Acknowledge and begin investigating the claim, as well as request any necessary statements, items or forms within 15 days;
  • Notify claimant as to the acceptance or denial of his or her claim within 15 business days (the insurance company may request up to 45 additional days to complete this step);
  • Pay the accepted claim within 60 days of receiving any requested material;
  • Pay the accepted claim no later than 5 business days after notification of impending payment;
  • Pay the accepted claim no later than 5 business days after claimant performs any required action upon which payment is conditional.

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In the past 5 years alone, our Undefeated Hurricane Damage Lawyers have won Billions and successfully represented thousands of hurricane and flood damage victims across Texas and the United States.

If your home or business suffered property damage during a storm or hurricane, call 1-888-603-3636 or click here to send us an email through our Contact Us form.

All consultations are free, and you won’t owe us anything unless we win your case.

Additional Information for Home and Business Owners Who Suffered Flood or Wind Damage During Harvey: