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Birth Defects and Delivery Injuries

Why Hire a Birth Defect Lawyer?

Birth injuries are often serious and permanent.   In order for your child to have the best possible treatment, you will probably need a range of specialists to help treat your child’s injuries over the course of their lives.  These costs not only include medical care but speech therapy, rehabilitative therapy and a range of other services. When a birth injury is caused by medical missteps or negligent care, you and your child shouldn’t be the ones paying for someone’s else’s carelessness.

What Causes Birth Defects and Delivery Injuries?

While birth injuries and defects have numerous causes, the most common  include:

  • Labor and delivery delays – in the delivery room, every second counts.  Even the slightest delays in delivering the child can deprive the baby of oxygen and result in catastrophic brain and neurological damage.
  • Dangerous Medications – while many of us place our full trust in our doctors, it’s increasingly common for doctors to prescribe dangerous medications, such as anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs, that can seriously damage the developing fetus and result in life-long cardiac, respiratory and neurological defects.

Providing for Long-Term Medical Care and Treatment

In nearly all cases, an infant who has suffered a birth injury will require long term medical care and treatment.  But the cost of treatments alone can be financially devastating for a family.  In addition to specialized care, the child may also need ongoing physical therapy, speech therapy and special education.  Most parents simply do not have the resources to provide this type of treatment for the indefinite future.

While no amount of money will make up for the distress and hardship that your family’s suffered, your child shouldn’t be the one paying for the hospital’s or doctor’s mistakes.  By holding the wrongdoers accountable, you not only ensure that your child will receive the best medical care available, but you also also eliminate the stress of worrying about how to provide for that care in the future.

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