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Dangerous Products

Houston, TX Injury Lawyers for Defective Product Claims

Product designers, manufacturers, distributors, and even retailers can all be held liable for injuries and deaths caused by defective products. The laws in Texas and other states throughout the country apply a rule known as “strict liability” to claims involving product-related accidents. These laws are designed to protect consumers by making corporations financially responsible for product-related injuries even if they weren’t negligent in causing or allowing the defect to occur.

Not surprisingly, these corporations don’t go down without a fight. With millions – if not billions – of dollars at stake, they will stop at nothing to try to protect their profits and reputations. At Zehl & Associates, we have the experience and resources necessary to beat the corporations and win maximum compensation for our clients. In the last five years alone, we have recovered more than $1 Billion for victims of defective products and other accident-related injuries. If you believe you may have a product defect claim, you need to act quickly. Call (888) 603-3636 today to discuss your case.

Automotive Recalls for Defective Products

From faulty gas pedals to defective airbags, when vehicle parts are defective, they can put the lives of drivers, passengers, and other motorists in serious danger. Auto manufacturers regularly issue recalls for defective parts on cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans, and SUVs – though they often do so after it is already too late. With tens of millions of vehicles recalled each year, if you have been injured in a vehicle collision, it is very possible that a defective part is at least partially to blame.

At Zehl & Associates, we vigorously pursue defective product claims against automakers and their suppliers. Learn more about our representation in cases against: Ford, GM, Jeep, Nissan, Takata, and Toyota.

Pharmaceutical Claims and Defective Medical Devices

Dangerous drugs, mislabeled prescriptions, and defective medical devices disable and kill thousands of unsuspecting Americans each and every year. We have taken on some of the largest drug manufacturers in the world, and have recovered over $150 million in prescription drug cases in the past two years alone. We have successfully represented clients for losses caused by defective drugs including: Accutane, Avandiar, Digitek, Reglan, Trasylol, Paxil, and Zoloft.

In addition to pharmaceutical claims, our attorneys also regularly handle cases involving dangerous medical devices. We have particular experience helping clients win financial compensation for injuries caused by defective hip implants. Several manufacturers have been able to sidestep the FDA’s approval process, resulting in untested devices making their way into hospitals across the country. Now, these devices are leaving patients worse off than they were before their surgeries. If you or someone you know is suffering as a result of a defective hip implant, we want to help you fight for just compensation.

Contact the Law Firm with the #1 Largest Injury Verdict in Texas

Our attorneys have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients. This includes numerous multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts, as well as the #1 largest accident verdict in the State of Texas. If you need help recovering for injuries caused by a product defect, let the personal injury lawyers at Zehl & Associates fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-commitment consultation about your case.