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$18,800,000 Greyhound Accident Verdict

Ryan Zehl Wins $18 Million Verdict in a Three-Week Jury Trial on Behalf of Two Passengers Injured in a Greyhound Bus Accident

Ryan Zehl won a $18 million verdict on behalf of a 24-year-old and 45 year-old woman who were injured on a Greyhound Bus after a three-week-long jury trial in Dallas County.

Mr. Zehl successfully argued that Greyhound hired an unqualified driver, that he was improperly trained, and that he failed to control his speed, causing the bus to roll over onto its side.

The jury awarded over $9 million in damages and another $8 million in punitive damages after finding that the company was grossly negligent in causing the accident.

Our verdict is the #1 Largest Verdict ever awarded in Greyhound’s corporate history.

Attorney’s fees: $6,200,000

Case expenses: $339,121

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