Delivery Truck Runs Red Light in Northwest Houston, Tragically Killing Elde...


A 79-year-old woman died tragically on Monday after a water delivery truck blew through a red light at a northwestRead More

Permian Basin Drillers Push Air Pollution Limits. Do Regulators Care?

Midland Oilfield Accident Lawyer | Odessa Oilfield Accident Lawyer

Permian Basin drilling is adversely affecting air quality throughout west Texas to a significant degree. Yet state and federal regulatorsRead More

2 Texas Workers Injured in Rusk County Oilfield Accident

Undefeated Oilfield Injury Lawyers Investigate Rusk County Oilfield Accident Injured 2 Texas Workers

An oilfield accident in Rusk County, Texas, sent two workers to the hospital yesterday morning. Injured Men Worked for WellRead More

Concrete Pump Truck Collapse Tragically Kills Construction Worker in Smith ...

Undefeated Construction Accident Lawyer Investigates Fatal Smith County, TX Concrete Pump Truck Collapse.

A worker died tragically yesterday morning, after a concrete pump truck collapsed on a Smith County, Texas, construction site. WorkerRead More

Explosion at CRU Railcar Services Near Elmendorf, Texas, Claims Second Work...

Undefeated Plant Explosion Lawyer Investigates Deadly CRU Railcar Services Explosion Elmendorf, TX.

Last week’s deadly tanker explosion at a railcar cleaning facility near Elmendorf, Texas, has claimed the life of another worker.Read More

Poor Maintenance, Inadequate Inspections Led to Deadly Port Aransas Barge E...

Texas Maritime Lawyer | Port Aransas, TX Maritime Lawyer | Maritime Wrongful Death Lawyer

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) believe serious maintenance deficiencies and inadequate inspections contributed to a deadly bargeRead More

Railcar Tanker Explosion Tragically Kills Worker Near Elmendorf, Texas, Inj...

Undefeated Plant Explosion Lawyers Investigate Deadly Elmendorf, Texas Railcar Tanker Explosion.

A worker died tragically last Friday afternoon, when a railcar tanker exploded at the Alamo Junction Rail Park outside ofRead More

Former Louisiana High School Football Players Die Tragically in Texas Truck...

Louisiana Truck Accident Lawyer | LaPlace, LA 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer | Denham Springs Accident Lawyer

Two former Louisiana high school football players died tragically Wednesday night when their vehicle was struck by an 18-wheeler nearRead More

Searchers Recover Remains of Final Worker Missing After Illinois Silicone P...

Waukegan, IL Silicone Plant Explosion Lawyer | Waukegan Silicone Plant Explosion Lawyer

Four days after a massive explosion destroyed part of an Illinois silicone plant, searchers recovered the remains of the finalRead More

Multiple Agencies Investigating Deadly AB Specialty Silicones Explosion in ...

Waukegan, Illinois Plant Explosion Lawyer | Wisconsin Plant Explosion Lawyer | Kenosha County, WI Plant Explosion Lawyer

Multiple state and federal agencies have deployed investigators to Waukegan, Illinois, where a deadly explosion at the AB Specialty SiliconesRead More

Search Continues for Worker Missing After Deadly Waukegan, Illinois Plant E...

Kenosha, Wisconsin Explosion Lawyer | AB Specialty Silicones Wrongful Death Lawyer

Days after a deadly explosion killed three employees at a Waukegan, Illinois silicone plant, efforts to locate the remains ofRead More

Catastrophic Explosion at Waukegan, Illinois Silicone Plant Leaves 3 Worker...

Undefeated Plant Explosion Lawyer Investigates Deadly AB Specialty Silicones Explosion Waukegan, Illinois

Three workers were tragically confirmed dead and another remains missing today, after a massive explosion tore through the AB SpecialtyRead More

Federal Trucking Regulator to Debut Weakened Hours of Service Rules Next Mo...

Louisiana Truck Accident Lawyer | Driver Fatigue Truck Accident Lawyer

Weakened Hours of Service rules are closer to becoming a reality, after the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FDA)Read More

Federal Agency Pressured Over Long-Delayed Pipeline Regulations

The U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) is under increasing pressure to implement long-delayed pipeline regulations aimed atRead More

Trump Administration Set to Unveil Weakened Offshore Drilling Regulations

Texas Offshore Injury Lawyer | Louisiana Offshore Injury Lawyer | Deepwater Horizon Lawyer

The Trump administration is moving forward with plans to gut many of the offshore drilling regulations enacted in the wakeRead More

Trucker Dies When Multiple 18-Wheelers Crash Along I-10 West Near Breaux Br...

Undefeated 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer Investigates Deadly I-10 West Crash Breaux Bridge Louisiana.

A truck driver died tragically yesterday morning, after his rig was involved in a fiery, multi-vehicle collision along Interstate 10Read More

Commuter Trains and Commercial Buses Lack Life-Saving Crash Protection Meas...

Undefeated 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer Investigates Deadly I-10 West Crash Breaux Bridge Louisiana.

Passengers aboard commuter trains and commercial buses aren’t afforded most of the protections standard on cars and airplanes, even thoughRead More

Court Setback, Politics Conspire to Delay Trump’s Offshore Drilling Plans

Undefeated Maritime Lawyer | Texas Maritime Lawyer | Louisiana Maritime Lawyer

Public opposition and a recent court ruling have forced the Trump Administration to abandon its much-touted plan to greatly expandRead More

Truck Driver Dies Tragically When 18-Wheelers Crash Along I-10 West Near Ka...

Undefeated 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer Investigates I-10 Katy, Texas Crash Killed Truck Driver.

A truck driver was tragically killed earlier this morning, when his rig collided with the trailer of another 18-wheeler alongRead More

EPA Urged to Rethink Hydrofluoric Acid Regulations in Wake of Recent Refine...

Undefeated Refinery Explosion Lawyer | Texas Refinery Explosion Lawyer | Louisiana Refinery Explosion Lawyer

The U.S. Chemical Safety Board is pushing the nation’s top environmental regulator to rethink its stance on hydrofluoric acid, followingRead More


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