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$11 Million Settlement for Bus Passengers Injured in Drunk Driving Crash

Houston bus crash lawyers get $11 Million Settlement for passengers injured in drunk driving crash

Zehl & Associates is proud to announce the recovery of a $11 million settlement on behalf of two clients who were injured when a bus driver flipped a bus while intoxicated.

During our investigation into the crash, our trial team learned that one of the nation’s largest bus companies systematically failed to test its driver for alcohol use. In fact, for this driver, the company never required its driver to take any kind of alcohol test. When asked about its policy in depositions, the company and its lawyers claimed it simply didn’t need to test its drivers. This crash proves them wrong.

Our Bus Crash Lawyers also discovered that the bus company had left all drivers at its local terminal completely unsupervised for months leading up to the crash. Again, the company claimed that it just didn’t need to supervise its drivers each day. This combination of lack of testing and lack of training was completely preventable had the company used simple common sense and followed industry standards.

This settlement will ensure that our clients can try to put the pieces of their lives back together.

Attorney’s fees and expenses: $4,813,000