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Over $750 Million Won for Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Victims Across Texas and the United States

Since 2013 alone, our Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys have won over $750 Million in verdicts and settlements for clients with mild, moderate and severe traumatic brain injuries and successfully represented hundreds of clients who suffered serious head, brain, spine and neurological injuries as a result of traumatic accidents and collisions.

Recently, for example, Ryan Zehl and Kevin Haynes recovered over $4.2 Million against R&L Carriers, after one of their drivers rear-ended our client on the highway, causing her vehicle to roll over and our client to sustained Post-Concussion Syndrome, a type of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury that can result in short-term memory loss, persistent headaches, confusion, and abrupt mood and personality changes.

R&L argued that because our client did not immediately seek medical attention at the scene of the accident, her injuries were only minor.  As a result, the company and their insurers refused to offer over $150,000 to settle the case.

Ryan and Kevin rejected the offer and took the case to trial, which took place in Dallas, Texas and lasted over 5 weeks.  After hearing testimony from over 15 medical experts, including neurologists, neuropsychologists, and psychiatrists—who confirmed that the impact from the rollover caused our client’s cognitive deficits—the jury awarded our client over $4.2 Million, which remains the largest verdict in R&L Carrier’s corporate history.

This was the third, consecutive trial where Ryan and Kevin have recovered both punitive damages, as well as the largest verdict in a corporation’s history.

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To further serve our brain and spinal cord injury clients’ needs, we can assist in locating and obtaining financial assistance to cover medical and cost-of-living expenses prior to trial or settlement so that you or a loved one can focus on recovering without having to worry about how to pay the bills.

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In addition to devoting whatever resources are necessary to help ensure that you’re fully compensated for all your injuries and damages, we’ll help you locate and obtain treatment from  the best neurologists and brain injury specialists in the Country to make sure that you’re receiving the most up to date and advanced medical treatment available.

All consultations are free, and because we work exclusively on a contingency-fee basis, you pay no fee unless we win your case.

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