Texas Truck Accident Lawyer | $4.8 Million Verdict Against R&L Carriers

$4,800,000 Verdict Against R&L Trucking Company

Trial lawyers Ryan Zehl and Kevin Haynes received a $4.8 Million verdict after a 5-week trial against R&L Carriers, one of the largest privately owned trucking companies in the country.

R&L’s driver rear-ended our client at over 60 mph on I-20, just outside of Dallas, Texas, causing her vehicle to rollover and our client to injure her neck and lower back.

R&L blamed our client for the collision and refused to offer more than $150,000 to settle the case.

At trial, The jury found both R&L and its driver negligent and grossly negligent and awarded $4.8 million in damages.

The Verdict is the #1 Largest Verdict in R&L’s corporate history and is the only case where the company’s been required to pay punitive damages.



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