Sudden and Complete Brake Failure Caused by Master Brake Cylinder in Ford F-150s Results in Recall of Over 250,000 Pickup Trucks

Ford F-150 Brake Failure Recall Investigation

On May 25 2015, Ford issued a recall affecting over 225,000 model year 2013 and 2014 F-150 Pickups with Ford’s turbocharged 3.5 liter EcoBoost engine in response to hundreds of reports of sudden and complete brake failure that results in a total loss of braking ability.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Expands Investigation of Brake Failure in 2015 and 2016 Ford F-15o Pickup Trucks

On October 21, 2016, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration expanded its investigation to include 2015 and 2016 model year F-150 Pickups.

The Investigation involves the same defective Master Brake Cylinder that resulted in a recall of over 225,000 model year 2013 and 2014 Ford F-150s in response to hundreds of reports of sudden and complete loss of braking ability.

Approximately 500,000 Ford F-150s Could be at Risk for Unexpected and Complete Brake Failure

According to the NHTSA , approximately 500,000 model year 2013 to 2016 Ford-150 Pickup trucks could experience sudden and complete brake failure as a result of a defective Master Brake Cylinder.

The complaints from Ford owners continue to mount up as well:

One driver in Houston, Texas alleged their brakes failed soon after the brake fluid low level light came on:

“When I restarted the truck, the brake pedal instantly went to the floor leaving the truck with no brakes. I got out to check the brake fluid reservoir level and it was completely empty, but there were no leaks anywhere. The truck was towed to ford dealership”.

Another complaint also notes that they received a “low brake fluid” message, soon after which the brakes completely stopped working:

“I added brake fluid and within 2 minutes it all leaked out, but nothing on the ground. Had truck towed and the ford service department said all the brake fluid had leaked from the master cylinder to the brake booster. Both were replaced by local ford dealership under warranty. Truck had 10,000 miles at the time. Seems like this is the same issue many others have had. Very dangerous. Hopefully a recall will be done before somebody dies because of it.”

Over 750,000 Ford F-150s were Sold in the United States in 2013 Alone

Ford’s F-Series is one of the highest selling trucks in the U.S.   In 2013 alone, Ford sold 763,402 F-series pickups and it led in the Top 25 bestselling vehicles in 2014 sales.

“We take the safety of our customers very seriously, and we will cooperate with NHTSA on this investigation, as we always do,” a Ford spokesman said in an email.

The investigation comes at a time when federal regulators have been under pressure to increase their awareness of the U.S. auto industry after a record of missteps that led to failures to detect defects that should have been recalled.  The agency has been found to be slow in detecting safety problems over the past decade, leading to public distrust and some of the largest automotive recalls in history.

Any updates to the investigation will be posted here as soon as possible.

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