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What is Pain and Suffering and How Does it Affect My Case?


When people hear the term “pain and suffering,” they often think of big verdicts and settlements in personal injury lawsuits.

But what most people don’t realize is that pain and suffering is actually a medical concept that describes one of the most essential damage elements available to accident victims who’ve been seriously injured or tragically killed as a result of someone else’s negligence or recklessness.

Our job, as personal injury lawyers, is to learn how our clients’ physical injuries, emotional hardship and financial losses have affected their families, jobs, and ability to provide for themselves and their families, then transform those injuries and losses into a dollar amount that the jury can understand and relate to at trial.

Our unique ability to understand our clients’ injuries and damages and explain them to the judge and jury at trial has led to some of the largest verdicts and settlements in history, including:

  • #1 Largest Accident Verdict in Texas
  • $100 Million Settlement on Behalf of Workers Injured in a Refinery Explosion
  • #1 Largest Verdict in R&L Trucking’s corporate history
  • #1 Largest Settlement in Oakley Trucking’s corporate history
  • #2 Largest Personal Injury Settlement in Texas
  • #4 largest Accident Verdict in Texas, and
  • Over $1 Billion in Gross Recoveries for our Clients

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