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Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Minor Houston Car Accident?

The consequences of a minor car accident can be more serious than many believe. It is for that reason that victims of seemingly inconsequential car crashes should strongly consider seeking legal advice and representation after the fact. That said, many do not, only to end up facing formidable consequences that significantly impact their lives as a result. 

If you were involved in a car accident in Houston, contact our Houston car accident attorney near you for a free consultation.

What Is a Minor Car Accident?

Although millions of auto accidents occur each year in the United States alone, most of them are not serious accidents and are, instead, minor. 

Common examples of minor car accidents include the following:

  • Fender Benders: Occurs when a vehicle’s front or rear bumper sustains damage; one of the most common types of minor accidents
  • Rear-End Crashes: Collisions that can occur at low speeds, often caused by one car following too closely behind another
  • Parking Lot Crashes: Many minor car accidents occur in parking lots due to their reduced speed limits and tight spaces
  • Swipes: Occur when two vehicles scrape up against one another, most frequently during lane changes

Some of the various injuries that may result from these minor car crashes and accidents include things such as:

  • Whiplash
  • Contusions
  • Lacerations and abrasions
  • Psychological harm

These injuries, although less severe on the surface, can still potentially limit or prevent a person from engaging in gainful employment or other important life activities. 

Likewise, even though a close look at accident reports will demonstrate that these types of crashes do not normally produce the devastating effects that are most commonly sustained with more serious accidents, it is important to keep in mind that minor accidents are still very much impactful. They’re capable of causing serious medical, financial, and legal outcomes for anyone involved. 

Why Should I Get a Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident in Houston, TX?

Many crash victims are left wondering whether they need an attorney. The answer is that they probably should hire one or, at the very least, attend a consultation with a car accident attorney. Because initial consultations are typically free, victims of minor car accidents have next to nothing to lose but everything to gain by attending a free case review.

Proper Compensation

Just because an accident is minor does not mean that it is not injurious, and that typically leads to the need for significant compensation. By meeting with an experienced Houston car accident lawyer, you will learn how much may be available for you in your case and increase your odds of getting the money you need after your collision. 

Liability Protection and Compliance With Deadlines

Meeting with an accident attorney after a minor car crash can also provide you with significant protection from legal liability. During your session, your attorney will review your case and point out not only the compensation you deserve but also the potential liabilities that you need to be aware of. They will also ensure that your efforts for compensation remain in compliance with the rules of procedure and deadlines for accident claims.

Peace of Mind

When it comes to seeking compensation for damages you have suffered, you may feel somewhat overwhelmed or daunted by the process. However, with an experienced Houston car accident attorney fighting for you, you will be able to breathe easy, knowing that your case is in good hands and progressing as it should. 

Common Mistakes Made After Minor Car Accidents

A minor collision may not seem to be something to take seriously. However, in all car accident cases, minor or major, there are certain mistakes that victims make afterward that can ultimately negatively impact their lives financially and medically. These are as follows:

Failing To Report the Accident

One of the worst mistakes to make after any car accident is failing to report it. In fact, under most circumstances, failure to report an accident is a crime that can lead to time behind bars or significant fines.

Furthermore, failing to report your crash, regardless of its severity, can drastically affect your compensation claim. You may receive little to no damages without an official accident report, which serves as evidence of your accident. 

Admitting Culpability

Another mistake to avoid after a minor car accident is to make an expressed or implied admission of fault. Once you do so on the record, your case for compensation might be forever compromised. 

Therefore, after a crash, never say the following things to the other driver:

  • “I’m sorry”
  • “I don’t know what I was thinking”
  • “I’m not sure what happened”

In every case, no matter how serious, it pays to remain silent beyond the basic required facts of an accident. Remember, your words can be used against you later on to potentially destroy or reduce your compensation claim. 

Failing To Seek Medical Attention

Official medical records of accident injuries are just as important as official accident reports. They will serve as the basis of your compensation claim, precisely detailing your injuries and their severity. Without them, the other driver can easily argue that you sustained your injuries somewhere else or that you exacerbated the severity of them long after the accident occurred.  

Accepting a Fast, Easy Settlement Offer

It’s understandable for an injury victim to want to leave the events of their car accident in the past. However, they should understand that a settlement an insurer offers quickly and easily is likely far below what the accident and the related injuries merit. 

In some cases, victims with personal injury lawyers representing them may receive even up to ten times more compensation than victims without representation. 

As explained, the answer to the question, “Should I hire a lawyer after a minor car accident?” is a resounding “yes.” Accident victims need skilled representation to take on penny-pinching insurance companies and to navigate the insurance compensation process. There’s simply too much at stake in any type of car accident, minor or major, not to at least meet with an attorney following a crash.

Don’t underestimate the consequences of a minor car accident. Protect your right to compensation and your future by meeting with an experienced Houston car accident attorney as soon as possible after your crash. Learn what your compensation options are for no charge and get the guidance you deserve. 

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