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Houston Construction Accident Lawyers

According to the U.S. Department of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, more than 4,500 workers were killed on the job in 2022.  Many of those workers were left fighting with their employer, who limited them to workers’ comp benefits and controlled their medical care by requiring them to see company paid doctors.

Our Undefeated Work Accident Lawyers have represented over 1,000 workers across Texas, Louisiana and the United States, recovering Billions and the largest verdicts and settlements in history.  We devote whatever resources are necessary to ensuring that our clients and their families receive the best medical care available and that they recover the maximum compensation possible.

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Common Causes of Construction, Industrial and Other Worksite Accidents

Some of the most common types of accidents that occur on jobs sites include:

  • Falls – falls from scaffolding or other elevated structures are one of the most common injuries that take place on construction and industrial job sites.  Even when they’re not fatal, the injuries are often devastating and result in long-term injuries that require significant future medical and prevent the worker from being able to return to work.
  • Electrocutions –  whether from faulty equipment or wiring, electrocutions and shocks cause burns, disfiguration and neurological damage that may not be noticeable for weeks to months following the incident.
  • Slip and fall accidents – slip and falls are another common accident on work and construction sites.  Often times, stairways are too narrow or lack required “non skid” material, walking surfaces unsteady or too narrow, and holes and openings lack proper covers and barricades — both of which are required by federal law under OSHA regulations.
  • Crush Accidents and Dropped Overhead Objects – Heavy overhead equipment combined with failure to properly secure loads often leads to significant injuries, ranging from severe Traumatic Brain Injuries and concussions to herniated disks in the back or neck and broken bones.
  • Fires and Explosions – fires and explosions are one of the most common and hazardous risks of working on construction or industrial worksites.  Having represented over 1,000 workers who were seriously injured or killed in workplace and industrial explosions, our Explosion Lawyers have repeatedly seen the shortcuts that owners, operators and management will take to expedite a job.  Although employers are required by OSHA and Chemical Safety Board regulations to ensure that Job Hazard Analysis, Pre-Startup Safety Reviews, and other Process Hazard Analysis tools are utilized before allowing any potential ignition sources (including welding or other hot work) in the vicinity of flammable hydrocarbons or chemicals, these critical safety procedures are often ignored in an effort to expedite a job.  The focus on profit over safety places workers and contractors at serious risk of harm, yet continues to be one of the leading causes of industrial and workplace fires and explosions.

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If you or a loved one are injured in a work or construction accident, your first priority should always be to get the best medical treatment available.  Unfortunately, since many workers are covered by their employer’s “workers comp” policies, the companies end up choosing doctors who are loyal to the company and more focused on saying that you aren’t injured than they are in making sure you are probably treated.

If you have any concerns over the quality of medical treatment the company is providing, it’s important that you talk to a lawyer before you waive your right to see another doctor at the company’s expense.

Having represented thousands of injured workers across Texas, Louisiana and the United States, our lawyers and staff have developed relationships with the best doctors in the country, many of whom are located in the Houston Medical Center.  We’ll locate the best doctors and medical providers possible, arrange to cover the costs, then make sure that you’re able to recover the costs of your past and future medical treatment against your employer or any other parties responsible for the accident.

After you’ve received proper medical treatment, it is important that you immediately start protecting your legal rights before the company and its team of lawyers take steps to prevent you from recovering the damages that you’d otherwise be entitled to.

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Our Work Accident Lawyers have won Billions for injured workers across the country, providing our firm with the experience and resources to stand up against the largest companies in the world and ensure that our clients and their families are fully compensated for their injuries and damages.

We’ll answer your questions, explain your rights, and make sure you have the information you need to do what’s best for yourself and your family.

All consultations are free, and because we work on a contingency fee, we’ll cover all costs associated with your case and you won’t owe us anything unless we win.