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Worker Injured During BP Deepwater Horizon Explosion Recommends Zehl & Associates


The BP Deepwater Horizon Explosion

“On the day of the explosion on 420 on the Deepwater Horizon, I was injured and one of the two explosions that occurred on the horizon, I was struck by a piece of debris from the explosion injuring me on my left side, broke two ribs.”

The Aftermath

“At the time my fiancée was five months pregnant and that extremely affected her, not being able to get in contact with me and being able to know whether I have been killed in the incident. I was severely injured. It affected them quite a bit.”

The Company’s Response

“In the months following the incident on the Horizon, Trans-Ocean was more concerned with getting me back to work than being concerned with my overall well-being.”

In this video testimonial, the client says his reason for finding a lawyer was to have a full understanding of his rights and what Trans-Ocean could and couldn’t do.

He chose Ryan Zehl because Zehl has the staying power and the proven track record of dealing with maritime incidents and large offshore companies.

“The outcome has given me peace of mind and the ability to move on with my future.”

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