Intellectual Property Law

For a long time Zehl Law has been advising clients in the area of intellectual property (IP) and have kept pace with the growing number of issues stemming from this area of law.

Intellectual property refers to the ownership of ideas created from an individual’s mind, such as literature, music, artwork, inventions and brands. Although the main categcopyright-problem-svgories are copyrights, trademarks and patents, each of these IP’s may be registered with the government and can be owned as property by an individual or business. Trade secrets can also be recognized as Intellectual Property, however the primary protection in trade secrets are from its confidentiality, opposed to the information’s registration. Even a small startup business can have IP rights in the assets of the company, such as its website, brand name, videos or photos.

If you need assistance in protecting your IP, or need help identifying it, contact Zehl Law today to have our experience professionals to help you take control of your Intellectual Property. By meeting with our team, we can help you, register and protect your property against unauthorized use.



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