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Our team is equipped to handle any number of entertainment law related cases. Working on the legal side of the this industry there must be an understanding of several other areas of law, some of which include contract disputes, employment standards, labor, trademark, publicity, intellectual property, a wide range of media including television, print and social media coverage At Zehl Law we are privileged to be working with high-profile clients currently in the public eye, representing their best interests in all professional ventures. In such a fast paced world the importance of having an experienced team to handle every twist and turn of the entertainment industry is essential for any notable figure. If not properly represented an artist, actor, designer, model or athlete, are all susceptible to the tribulations of the entertainment industry.  Zehl Law knows what it takes to see justice come to those who violate copyright agreements, fraud, trademark infringement, invasion of privacy and solicitation. No matter the field in which you wish to peruse in entertainment, having a team of legal professionals by your side to help you every step of the way is essential. Protecting your best interests, image and publicity is what we at Zehl Law do best.

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