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Houston Car Accident Lawyers

Undefeated Houston Accident Attorneys with Billions Won for Texas Accident Victims

Our Undefeated Houston Accident Lawyers don’t just win for Texas accident victims – we set records.

From the largest verdicts and settlements in history to the #1 Largest Truck Accident Settlement in Texas, our Houston Personal Injury Lawyers are known for winning the #1 largest recoveries for our clients against the biggest companies and legal teams in the country.

In the past 5 years alone, our Houston Accident Attorneys have won the:

We’re able to consistently achieve these unprecedented results by outworking our opponents, hiring the best and the brightest attorneys and staff, preparing every case for trial, and refusing to settle our clients’ cases for anything less than the maximum compensation possible.

Because of our success, insurance companies—and their legal teams—understand that once our Houston Car Accident Attorneys are involved in the case, their only options are to fully compensate our clients for all their injuries and damages or risk a record-setting verdict at trial, where we remain undefeated.

“We’re More than Just Your Lawyers – We’re Like Family

If you visit our Client Video Testimonial Page or our firm’s YouTube channel, you’ll notice a couple of things repeated over and over again by our clients:

  • Our personal injury lawyers are the best in the business
  • We genuinely care about our clients, their families, and their futures
  • We make sure our clients are able to get the best medical care available, and
  • Our lawyers and staff are always available to help, not only when our clients’ cases are pending, but years after they’ve already been resolved

In this video testimonial, for example, our client, who recovered the largest Truck Accident Settlement in Texas after being hit head-on by a commercial truck, discusses his experience with our firm and describes how our Truck Accident Lawyers ensured that he and his family had the financial resources to care and provide for themselves for the rest of their lives.

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If you or a loved one were injured or tragically killed in a car, truck, or 18 wheeler accident, our Houston Personal Injury Lawyers will devote whatever time and resources necessary to ensure that you and your family receive the maximum compensation possible for ALL your injuries and damages.

All consultations are free, and you won’t pay us a dime unless we win your case.

We’ll answer your questions, explain your rights, and make sure you have the information you need to decide what’s best for you and your family.

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Texas and Houston Car Accident Statistics

More than 3,600 people died on Texas roads and highways in 2022, and over 256,330 were hurt, including 15,483 whose injuries were deemed severe. According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), that amounts to:

  • 1 person killed every 2 hours 26 minutes
  • 1 person injured every 2 minutes 3 seconds
  • 1 reportable crash every 56 seconds

There were no deathless days on Texas roads in 2022, and only California reported more vehicle-related fatalities that year.

Houston saw more traffic accidents – 68,682 — than any other area of the state. Those crashes caused 240 deaths and at least 1,200 serious injuries. Harris County logged over 113,000 serious and fatal accidents in 2019, including 418 deaths and at least 2,294 serious injuries.

Why is Houston so Dangerous for Drivers?

There are a number of reasons the Houston Metro Region is so dangerous for motorists. Most of the area’s drivers, for example, deal with long-commutes that average around 29.5 miles, significantly increasing the likelihood that they’ll be involved in a motor-vehicle accident.

A few other reasons for Houston’s high rate of car accidents include:

  • Many of the highways are have increased maximum speeds to move traffic as quickly as possible, and
  • Enforcement of traffic laws is lax, and there’s generally strong opposition to stricter enforcement

The Houston Metro Region also experiences some of the worst heavy truck and 18-wheeler congestion in the United States, as well as some of the worst truck bottlenecks in the nation.

Common Causes of Houston Car Accidents

Having successfully represented thousands of car accident victims in Houston and across Texas, it’s been our experience that most of these tragedies could have been prevented if not for the negligent or reckless conduct on the part of another driver.

Some of the most common causes of preventable Houston car accidents include:

  • Distracted Driving: According to TxDOT, distracted drivers killed 366 people in Texas during 2022, a 6% increase compared to 2021.
  • Driving Under the Influence: Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol contributed to or caused 6,113 Texas car accidents during 2022, including nearly 100 fatal crashes.
  • Driver Fatigue: Drivers too exhausted to safely operate their vehicles caused 4,779 Texas car accidents in 2022, including 127 fatal crashes.
  • Speeding: In 2022, driving over the speed limit was cited as a contributing factor in over 600 Texas crashes, including 93 accidents that resulted in at least one death. Driving at an unsafe speed contributed to or caused 13,354 accidents, including 255 fatal crashes.

What to Do After a Houston Car or Truck Accident

When you’re involved in a car accident or truck accident, the actions you take in the moments, hours, and days after the crash could determine whether you receive full compensation for your injuries and damages or walk away with pennies on the dollar — or even nothing at all.

Follow the steps below to help prevent mistakes that end up substantially reducing the value of your case:

  • Call 911: once the police arrive, they’ll secure the scene and obtain relevant information from those directly involved in the crash, as well as any witnesses. Not only can the police report be used to refute attempts by the other driver’s insurance company to blame you for the accident, but it will also assist your attorney in proving how the crash occurred and who was at fault
  • Seek Medical Attention: Obviously, if you’re injured, you should seek medical attention at the accident scene and allow paramedics to transfer you to the hospital when necessary. However, even if you do not believe you’ve been seriously injured, you should still get checked out at the emergency room, as injuries may not appear for several hours or days. Documenting and diagnosing all of your injuries as soon as possible allows your attorney to prove they resulted from the crash
  • Document Relevant Facts and Preserve Evidence: if able, use your smartphone to take photos of your car and any other vehicles involved in the accident. Document all relevant facts in writing as soon as you can — when they’re still fresh in your memory — including the weather conditions at the time, the speed you were traveling, and anything else that may have contributed to the crash
  • Don’t Speculate About Fault: the accident scene is never the time or place to speculate on who or what caused the crash. In fact, you should delay making any statements until you’ve left the scene and talked to an Experienced Houston Accident Lawyer, even if you think you were partially at fault
  • Notify Your Insurance Company: regardless of who was at fault, you should always notify your insurance company at the first possible opportunity. In fact, failing to do so could result in a detail of coverage and prevent you from receiving PIP, Med-Pay, and other benefits to help cover your medical bills and other expenses. But stick to the facts when talking to the insurance company, avoid any discussion of fault, and DO NOT provide a written or recorded statement unless you’ve talked to an Accident Lawyer first
  • Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions and Keep All Medical Appointments: the other driver’s insurance company will use any failure to follow your doctor’s advice or missed medical appointments to cast doubt on your injuries, which can substantially reduce the value of your case. You should also keep a record of all co-pays and out-of-pocket medical expenses related to the crash, as well as any time you missed work because of your treatment and recovery.
  • Don’t Talk with the Other Driver’s Insurer: you’ll probably receive a call from the other driver’s insurance company.  They may even promise to “take care of you,” and “make things right.” Don’t let your guard down! The insurance adjuster has only one goal: to save the insurance company money by blaming you and/or minimizing the severity of your injuries
  • Don’t Sign or Agree to Anything: don’t sign any documents or accept any settlement offers or other compensation unless you’ve consulted with an Experienced Houston Car Accident Attorney

Why You Need an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer who Takes Cases to Trial – and Wins

Insurance companies settle car and truck accident cases to avoid going to trial, where a jury could award a substantially larger verdict to the injured victim and their family. They know which law firms are willing to go to court and which law firms say they’ll go to trial, but end up accepting whatever settlement offer’s on the table at the last minute to avoid trial.

The truth is, lawyers who don’t go to trial don’t have any leverage, because the insurance company knows that they can offer you substantially less than your case is worth, and that your lawyer will accept it to avoid trial.

The insurance companies know that when our Personal Injury Lawyers are involved in your case, they either need to pay maximum value for your injuries or face us in the courtroom, where we remain undefeated.

Undefeated Houston Accident Lawyers with Billions Won for Our Clients. Call 1-888-603-3636 or Click Here for a Free Consult

Our Houston Accident Lawyers have demonstrated that we don’t just win for our clients and their families, we consistently win Record-Setting Verdicts and Settlements for them.

If you or a loved one were seriously injured or tragically killed in an accident and have questions about your legal rights and options, our Houston Accident Lawyers can help.

All consultations are free, and you won’t owe us a dime unless we win your case

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