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Tractor Trailer Tire Blowout Accidents in Houston, TX

Tractor Trailer Tire Blowout Accidents in Houston, TX

Texas’ growing population has led to an increase in freight transportation across the state, raising the chances of trucking accidents. Tire blowouts on tractor-trailers are among the most hazardous incidents on the road.

If you’ve been in an accident caused by a tire blowout on a tractor-trailer in or around Houston, TX,  Zehl & Associates Injury & Accident Lawyers are here to support you. Our Houston tractor trailer tire blowout accident attorneys are uniquely qualified to handle your case with a strong track record in truck accident cases, and millions recovered for our clients.

Contact our offices in the Houston, Texas, area to arrange a no-cost consultation with our top-notch truck accident attorneys at (888) 603-3636. We work on a contingency fee basis, ensuring you owe us nothing unless we win your case. Let our experienced tractor-trailer tire blowout accident lawyers take on your fight and safeguard your rights.

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How Can Zehl & Associates Injury & Accident Lawyers Help After a Tractor-Trailer Tire Blowout Accident in Houston, Texas?

How Can Zehl & Associates Injury & Accident Lawyers Help After a Tractor-Trailer Tire Blowout Accident in Houston, Texas?

After a tractor-trailer tire blowout accident in Houston, TX, it’s normal to worry about how it will affect your finances. That’s where Zehl & Associates Injury & Accident Lawyers step in. Our Houston personal injury attorneys are committed to securing the compensation you rightfully deserve, ensuring you can focus on recovery without financial stress.

Here’s what our Houston truck accident lawyers can do for your Houston tractor-trailer tire blowout case:

  • Conduct an exhaustive investigation of the accident scene
  • Listen to your account to understand the incident fully
  • Collect all necessary evidence, including statements from witnesses
  • Manage the claims process and negotiations with involved parties
  • Prepare for trial if it becomes necessary

We’re well-versed in how trucking companies, their insurers, and their legal representatives operate. They will try to minimize your compensation, but we’re here to prevent that. Our goal is to ensure they don’t undervalue your claim.

Reach out to our Houston tractor trailer tire blowout accident attorneys to discuss your accident. We offer a free initial consultation with no obligation.

Why Are Tractor Trailer Tire Blowout Accidents So Dangerous?

A tractor-trailer, when fully loaded, can tip the scales at up to 80,000 lbs. This makes it crucial for its tires to be in optimal condition. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and the negligence of drivers, trucking companies, maintenance service providers, or tire manufacturers can lead to tire failures.

Tractor-trailer tires are significantly larger and heavier than those on standard passenger vehicles. Consequently, when a tire fails on a tractor-trailer—which can have up to 18 tires—the outcomes can be catastrophic.

Tire blowouts may result from various factors:

  • Incorrect tire inflation, whether too high or too low
  • Cargo that is unevenly distributed
  • Frequent braking
  • Use of tires that are the wrong size
  • Manufacturing defects in the tires
  • Lack of proper tire maintenance or inspection
  • Encountering road debris or obstacles
  • Adverse weather conditions

A tire bursting at high speeds can instantly cause the driver to lose control of the massive vehicle. Such incidents can trigger rollovers and jackknife accidents or cause other drivers to swerve dangerously to avoid debris. This can potentially lead to multi-vehicle collisions with significant injuries and damage.

Common Injuries from Tractor Trailer Tire Blowout Accidents

Tire blowouts occur abruptly, potentially causing devastating injuries to those involved. The force of the collision itself is only one aspect of the danger. 

Ejected debris, including rubber and metal, can shatter vehicle windows, leading to various injuries:

  • Cuts, deep wounds, and lasting scars
  • Broken, fractured, or severely crushed bones
  • Injuries to the head, neck, and spine
  • Concussions
  • Brain injuries
  • Loss of sight or hearing
  • Internal bleeding
  • Burns
  • Damage to internal organs
  • Paralysis

Victims might face the need for ongoing, comprehensive medical treatment. Often, those injured in such accidents find themselves unable to work, exacerbating financial strains during a period of critical need.

Consulting with a personal injury attorney familiar with such cases is crucial for those impacted by a tractor-trailer tire blowout in Houston. Doing so can help secure necessary compensation to support the victim and their family’s well-being.

Contact Our Houston Tractor Trailer Tire Blowout Accident Attorneys Today for Help After Your Truck Accident

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a tractor-trailer tire blowout in Houston, TX, reach out to Zehl & Associates Injury & Accident Lawyers immediately. You could be eligible for compensation covering your medical expenses, property damage, lost income, and the pain and distress you’ve endured. 

Contacting us comes with no commitment, so don’t hesitate to speak with our Houston tractor trailer tire blowout accident lawyer right away.