Zehl & Associates Hired by Workers Injured in Kuraray America Chemical Plant Explosion

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Zehl & Associates is proud to be representing a number of contractors who were injured in connection with last week’s explosion at Kuraray America’s Pasadena, Texas chemical plant.

Our Plant Explosion Lawyers are currently working with a team of cause and origin, safety and industrial engineers to determine the cause of the May 19th explosion and how it could have been prevented.

We’ll be posting updates about our investigation on our website as additional information becomes available.

Blown Valve Caused Release of Flammable Ethylene Gas

The explosion at the Kuraray America EVAL plant occurred shortly before 10:30 a.m., as the facility was undergoing heavy maintenance.

At least 266 workers and contractors were onsite when over-pressurized piping caused a safety valve to blow.

The blown valve allowed flammable ethylene gas to escape near an area where workers were performing welding and pipefitting.

21 Workers Taken to Hospital, Including 2 With Severe Burns

The explosion ignited a flash fire on one of the facility’s operating units.

At least 21 workers were injured in the blast, including 19 people who were taken by ambulance to an area hospital.

Two others were airlifted from the scene with severe burns.

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