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Utah Police Mull Negligent Homicide Charges Against Driver in Deadly Greyhound Bus Crash That Tragically Killed Teenager on New Year’s Eve

Greyhound Bus Accident Lawyers Investigate Deadly I-70 New Year’s Eve Greyhound Bus Crash in Utah.

Police in Utah are considering bringing negligent homicide charges against the driver involved in a deadly Greyhound Bus crash that tragically killed a teenage girl on New Year’s Eve.

Passengers aboard the bus allege that the Greyhound driver, Charles Edward Saunders, 62, of Nevada, passed out at the wheel just before the vehicle careened off I-70 in the Utah desert.

According to the Associated Press, search warrants obtained in the course of the investigation indicate that police have already obtained blood tests from Saunders. However, the results have not been made public.

Greyhound Bus Suddenly Veered Off I-70 Into a Steep Ravine

The Greyhound bus was travelling from Denver, Colorado to Las Vegas, Nevada, when it suddenly veered off the highway and plunged into a steep ravine around 11:00 p.m. on December 31st, just outside of Green River, Utah.

14 people, including the driver, were aboard at the time.

Road conditions were good and the weather was clear. There were no other witnesses to the accident other than those aboard the bus.

Passengers were forced to escape the mangled vehicle through the windows. Some managed to make their way up the ravine to flag down passing motorists for aid.

Southern California Girl Tragically Died at Scene

The crash tragically killed a 13-year-old girl from Southern California.

Her mother and 11 other passengers were injured, some of them critically.

Saunders also sustained critical injuries. He remains hospitalized but is listed in good condition.

Greyhound Bus Driver Complained of Not Feeling Well, Slumped Over Right Before Crash

A passenger seated directly behind the driver told police that Saunders appeared to have suffered a “coughing fit” right before the crash. He then slumped over the wheel.

Another reported that Saunders fell asleep at one point during the trip and had to be awakened by passengers.

Others said he complained of illness and was not feeling well. Investigators also found cold medicine at the scene.

No charges have yet been filed against Saunders.

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Our Undefeated Bus Accident Lawyers continue to investigate the deadly Greyhound crash in Utah and will post updates as more information becomes available.

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