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Bizarre 18-Wheeler Accident Tragically Kills Tulane University Student at I-10 Rest Area in Mississippi


A Tulane University student died tragically yesterday, after tires came off an 18-wheeler on Interstate 10 near Gautier, Mississippi.

Truck’s Dual-Wheels Rolled Hundreds of Feet Before Striking Student

According to the Gautier Police Department, the 21-year-old woman and two friends had stopped at the I-10 East rest area between Exit 61 and the Pascagoula River Bridge shortly before 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon.

The three were entering their car just as a set of dual-wheels broke free from a westbound 18-wheeler.

The tires apparently remained intact while rolling over 850 feet across I-10 and into the rest area, where they struck the victim.

Tulane Senior from Forest Lake, Minnesota Died at Scene

The dual-wheels proceeded to hit the vehicle she was travelling in, as well as another parked nearby. They then rolled 150 feet down a grassy embankment before finally coming to a stop.

Sadly, the Tulane University senior died at the scene.

According to the school’s newspaper, the young woman was from Forest Lake, Minnesota,  and was majoring in ecology and evolutionary biology. The young woman was also a Newcomb Scholar and involved in the Center for Public Service Community Engagement Advocates program.

Dual-Wheels from Dana Transport Truck Weighed Around 1,000 LBS

Investigators are still trying to determine why the dual-wheels broke free from the semi-truck.

The massive tires weigh around 1,000 pounds. As a result, a crew was forced to use cables to move them onto a wrecker.

So far, police have confirmed that New Jersey-based Dana Transport owns the 18-wheeler involved in Monday’s tragic accident.

The truck driver apparently began heading west on I-10 after realizing tires had broken free from his rig. After sighting first responders, he pulled off the highway just past the Pascagoula River Bridge. It was only at that point, however, that the trucker learned someone had died at the rest area.

Police questioned the 18-wheeler driver, but did not detain him after the fatal accident.

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