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Investigators Search Mangled Greyhound Bus As Probe into Deadly Utah Crash Continues


Investigators in Utah spent Tuesday searching a mangled Greyhound bus, as they worked to determine what caused the tragic New Year’s Eve crash that killed a young girl and left 12 others injured.

Road Conditions Were Good When Greyhound Bus Suddenly Veered Off I-70

A total of 14 people, including the driver, were aboard the Greyhound bus when it crashed around 11:00 p.m., along a desert stretch of I-70 near Green River, Utah.

The Greyhound bus was on its way to Las Vegas, Nevada from Denver, Colorado, and had just undergone a driver shift change in Green River, when the vehicle suddenly veered off the road near milepost 113. The bus careened into a steep wash, coming to rest about 200 feet from the freeway.

The impact of the crash crushed the front of the vehicle, forcing passengers to escape through windows.

The Utah Highway Patrol indicated that the weather was clear and road conditions were good at the time. No other vehicles were involved and no other drivers witnessed the accident.

Teenager Tragically Died at the Scene while her Mother Remains Hospitalized

A 13-year-old girl from Southern California tragically died at the scene.

The teenager’s mother was also injured in the crash and remains hospitalized.

The driver and two seriously injured passengers were airlifted to Utah hospitals. The remaining injured were transferred via ambulance.

The Greyhound bus driver is listed in critical condition.

Most of the injured passengers sustained back and neck injuries, while a few suffered fractures. Further details on their condition have not been released, and it’s not clear how many remain hospitalized.

“Just looking at the impact itself and the amount of energy that was moving forward when that thing collided with the dirt, it is surprising that we didn’t have more fatalities,” Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Steve Salas told reporters on Tuesday.

Reports That Driver Suffered “Medical Episode” Just Prior to Crash Remain Unconfirmed

The cause of the deadly Greyhound bus crash remains unknown. The Utah Highway Patrol had indicated on Monday that it was seeking access to video from a camera that was aboard the bus.

One passenger alleged that the driver suffered a “medical episode” right before the bus drifted off the road. However, investigators have not yet confirmed that report.

It is not known whether the driver had any previous accidents.

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