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Greyhound Bus Driver Arrested for DUI After Jackson, Mississippi Crash Injures 22

Undefeated Bus Accident Lawyer Investigates I-55 Jackson, Mississippi Greyhound Crash Injured 22

Nearly two dozen people were hospitalized last night, after a Greyhound bus overturned along Interstate 55 in Jackson, Mississippi.

Shortly after the crash, Jackson Police arrested and charged the Greyhound driver with misdemeanor DUI.

Greyhound Bus Was Merging Onto I-55 South When it Overturned

Witnesses reported the January 2nd accident shortly after 8:00 p.m.

Apparently, the Greyhound bus overturned on the Pascagoula Street on-ramp as the driver attempted to merge onto I-55 south.

Among other things, authorities indicated heavy rains at the time may have contributed to the crash.

22 Greyhound Passengers Suffered Non-Life-Threatening Injuries

It’s not clear how many people were aboard the bus or where it was heading.

The Jackson Police Department has confirmed, however, that emergency crews transferred 22 people to area hospitals.

Fortunately, their injuries are not life-threatening.

Greyhound Bus Driver Pleads Not Guilty to Misdemeanor DUI

Jackson Police later arrested 31-year-old Erika Nixon for driving under the influence.

Nixon appeared in a Jackson court earlier today, where she entered a plea of Not Guilty.

In Mississippi, individuals convicted of misdemeanor DUI can spend up to 48 hours in jail for a first offense. A judge, however, has the discretion to levy a fine in lieu of jail.

The court may also substitute attendance at a victim impact panel for jail time.

In addition, Mississippi requires first-time offenders to attend a state-approved alcohol safety education program. The state also suspends the offender’s license for at least 90 days or until they have completed the program.

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Our Undefeated Greyhound Bus Accident Lawyers are investigating the crash on I-55 in Jackson, Mississippi, and will post an update when new information becomes available.

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