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Passenger Hospitalized After Megabus Crashes on Louisiana’s Atchafalya Basin Bridge

Undefeated Bus Accident Lawyer Investigates Megabus Crash on Atchafalya Basin Bridge that Injured One Passenger.

A Megabus bound for Houston, Texas, crashed on the Atchafalya Basin Bridge in Louisiana early Monday morning, injuring one passenger.

The November 12th accident occurred shortly before 2:00 a.m., just hours after the packed Megabus left New Orleans.

According to passengers, the bus may have hit a tree that had fallen in the roadway. Others, however, indicated that the tree had actually fallen on the bus.

Megabus Crash Could Have Been Far Worse

Either way, the impact of the collision shattered the vehicle’s front windshield and completely ripped away the side-view mirror.

Many of those aboard the Megabus were grateful that the accident wasn’t worse.

“We thank God, we did not fall over because we did hear reports that if he had swerved any harder, if he hit the first part of the tree, we could have flipped over into the water,” a passenger told

Injured Passenger Taken to a Local Hospital

Unfortunately, one man was hospitalized after the crash.

“Once everyone realized only one passenger was hurt, many people gathered to help him and bandage him up until we could get some help to us,” a fellow rider said.

So far, however, authorities have not released any information on his condition.

Stranded Passengers Waited Hours for Replacement Megabus

The remaining passengers were stranded at the Atchafalya Welcome Center for hours.

Megabus told several angry people that a replacement vehicle would arrive within an hour.  In fact, the new bus did not arrive until 12:30 p.m.

“Many people didn’t have breakfast, didn’t rest,” another passenger said. “Some are starting to get pains and we are getting lost on what we are going to do. They don’t respect us money providers.”

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