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Zehl & Associates Hired by Texas Oilfield Contractor Severely Burned and Contractor Tragically Killed in Chesapeake Energy Explosion

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Zehl & Associates is representing a contractor who was catastrophically burned, as well as the mother of an oilfield worker tragically killed during the deadly January 28, 2020 oil well blowout at a Chesapeake Energy well in Burleson County, Texas.

Zehl & Associates Files Temporary Restraining Order and Injunction Against Chesapeake Energy

The firm’s Oilfield Explosion Lawyers filed a temporary restraining order and injunction in Burleson County District Court, requiring Chesapeake Energy to preserve all evidence — including pictures, audio, video, emails, cell phone records, and recordings — related to the January 29th explosion.

Zehl & Associates also requested access to the drilling site to conduct its own investigation.

“We want our own experts and engineers at the site to determine the cause of this horrific explosion and how it could and should have been prevented.  We’re also going to ensure that all evidence is inventoried and preserved,” attorney Ryan Zehl said.

Failure to Properly Kill the Well Likely Triggered the Chesapeake Oil Well Blowout and Explosion

The deceased, an employee of Fort Worth-based Eagle Pressure Control, was one of several workers upgrading a wellhead at the drilling site near Deanville when the blowout occurred.

In addition to his mother, the 38 year-old contractor left behind a wife and 16-year-old daughter.

The firm’s Oilfield Accident Lawyers were also hired by the only Eagle contractor who survived the explosion.  He remains in critical condition after sustaining third-degree burns to over 60 percent of his body.

According to preliminary findings, Chesapeake violated company safety policies and American Petroleum Institute (API) requirements by failing to utilize a mechanical and hydrostatic barrier to properly kill the well before beginning workover operations.

The Chesapeake Blowout is Deadliest Drilling Accident in 2 Years

Two other Eagle contractors were tragically killed in the explosion, making the January 29, 2020 blowout the deadliest drilling-related accident since an explosion at a Patterson-UTI Energy rig in Oklahoma killed five people in January 2018.

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