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Offshore Worker Injured During Personnel Transfer Basket Won $3.2 Million Verdict at Trial

After injuring his lower back and neck during an offshore personnel transfer, Calvin’s company refused to pay for his medical treatment or compensate him for his injuries. Realizing that he needed to look out for himself and his family, he turned to the Maritime Lawyers at Zehl & Associates, who, after a 4 week trial in Louisiana federal court, recovered a $3.2 Million verdict.


I Was Dropped Over 10 Feet During An Offshore Personnel Transfer

Calvin: We was heading offshore and we was getting on a bulletproof basket, and the crane operator he came up with the load but the basket got caught in the back of the hammer of the crew boat. It threw us. It threw me out the basket and all I knew was we went in the air, I went in the air, and then it came down pretty hard. Then I suffered a head injury, a neck injury and a back injury.

Why I Hired The Maritime Lawyers At Zehl & Associates PC

I just felt like it was all over, like the company they threw me away. They didn’t care, so I knew I needed a lawyer, so I hired Zehl & Associates.

Zehl & Associates Was Like Family To Me

The whole crew, Ryan, Tommy, Sarah, Eric, Matt, Kevin, everybody was like one big family.

Zehl & Associates is “The Best in The Business”

Every time I had a question about the case I would call the office and either Sarah would refer me to Ryan, or Sarah would refer me to Eric and they would answer my questions. Any questions I had about the case, or anything that was going on that I need to know about, the medical, the doctor’s appointments, everything was just right on the spot.

I would recommend my friend, anybody that I knew that got hurt offshore, to Zehl & Associates. They work with you from key to key, whatever you need right on point with it, anytime you call them, any time of the night, text, whatever, they’re right there on point, because they’re a great firm, and they know a lot about the maritime, the law, the Jones Act, and I feel like they’re the best in the business.

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If you were injured in an offshore accident, contact Zehl & Associates, trusted maritime lawyers who have the knowledge and the experience to deal with any maritime incident that occurs. Call today for a free consultation.