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Odessa Car Accident Statistics

Odessa Car Accident Statistics

Although Odessa is a small city in the state of Texas, it still experiences many serious traffic collisions each year. But Odessa car accident statistics are more than just numbers; they represent people’s lives and property. 

The team at Zehl & Associates helps personal injury victims after various types of crashes. We’ve secured some of the largest verdicts and settlements for our clients, and we’re here to help when you need us most.

If you have been in a car accident in Odessa, TX, contact our law firm for immediate assistance. We offer a free initial consultation. You can call us at (432) 220-0000.

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How Zehl & Associates Injury & Accident Lawyers Can Help After a Car Accident in Odessa, TX

How Zehl & Associates Injury & Accident Lawyers Can Help After a Car Accident in Odessa, TX

At Zehl & Associates Injury & Accident Lawyers, our Odessa car accident lawyers are ready to provide you with the guidance you need after a collision that wasn’t your fault. We have decades of experience and have recovered billions of dollars in settlements and awards for our clients. 

When you turn to us, we can offer many services, including the following: 

  • Case assessments
  • Information and evidence gathering
  • Negotiations with insurance companies
  • Representation at trial

We know how difficult it can be to deal with injuries and property damage after a car accident, so we offer the chance to help you get compensation for your suffering. Contact Zehl & Associates Injury & Accident Lawyers today for representation in Odessa, Texas

How Often Do Car Accidents Occur in Odessa, TX?

On average, there are 15,300 serious crashes in Texas every year that result in about 18,800 severe injuries. This means that an average of one person is injured every two minutes and nine seconds and that one reportable crash occurs every 57 seconds. In addition, one person is killed almost every two hours. 

Alcohol is one of the biggest factors in Texas car crashes, with an average of 1,162 people dying each year because of drunk driving. That’s three deaths a day. 

Ector County’s largest city is Odessa, and it experiences about 15 fatal car accidents a year. If you were in a traffic crash in Odessa and received injuries or property damage, the best thing you can do is reach out to a car accident lawyer for help. 

What Are the Most Common Causes of Car Crashes in Odessa, TX?

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of car accidents in the entire state of Texas. On average, almost one in six crashes in Texas occurs because of distracted driving. Anything that takes your mind and attention away from the road is a distraction and has the potential to cause an accident. 

Distractions can involve:

  • Texting
  • Using the GPS
  • Fiddling with the radio
  • Speaking with passengers

Drunk driving is another serious problem. The legal blood alcohol limit is 0.08, but having just one drink can still impair you. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, which means it slows your reaction times and affects your coordination.

Reckless driving is also a problem in Texas. Reckless driving occurs when a driver displays a lack of care for the rules of the road and willfully puts others in danger. Actions that are considered to be reckless driving include speeding, sudden braking, tailgating, and more. 

These actions are not on their own seen as reckless driving. However, aggravating factors like being under the influence or being near pedestrians can transform them into recklessness. 

Another cause of car accidents in Odessa, TX, is drowsy driving. Drowsy driving makes it more difficult to pay attention to the road. Drivers have a difficult time processing information, making their reaction times slower. That can quickly result in accidents. 

Speeding causes many accidents in Texas each year. If you’re speeding, you have less time to react to changes on the road. It’s not always about the speed itself, either, but where you are. For example, going over the speed limit in a school zone by even five miles per hour can put children at risk and cause an accident. 

Road conditions can cause accidents as well. If there are potholes or other damage to the asphalt, it can lead the driver to lose control of the car. Tire blowouts may also occur if there’s debris on the road. 

Weather is another factor that affects the chances of a car accident occurring. If there’s low visibility on the road because of rain or snow, it’s more difficult for drivers to see others on the road. Sleek road conditions make driving more dangerous, too, by reducing the effectiveness of brakes and tires.   

Schedule a Free Consultation With Our Undefeated Odessa Car Accident Attorneys

You don’t have to struggle with paying for medical bills, property damage, and emotional suffering if you were in a car accident that wasn’t your fault. By turning to an Odessa personal injury lawyer who can fight for your rights, you have the chance to fight for the compensation you deserve. 

At Zehl & Associates Injury & Accident Lawyers, we are ready to help you after a car accident in Odessa, TX. Schedule your free consultation right now.