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Texas Leads U.S. in Speed-Related Car Accident Fatalities

Houston Car Accident Lawyer | Texas Car Accident Death Statistics 2019

Speed continued to claim far too many lives along Texas’ roads and highways in 2019.

1,100 Texas Crash Deaths Involved Excessive Speed

According to the latest data from the U.S National High Traffic Safety Administration, Texas logged 3,615 crash fatalities that year, including 1,110 deaths that involved high rates of speed. No other state reported more.

At least 61 of those speed-related crash deaths occurred on a rural interstate, and 130 occurred on an urban interstate. Another 59 involved a non-interstate highway or freeway, 301  involved a non-interstate principal arterial roadway, 200 involved a non-interstate minor arterial roadway, 253 involved a non-interstate collector roadway, and 105 involved a non-interstate local roadway.

Fatal Texas Crashes Involved 5,208 Vehicles

Overall, Texas traffic fatalities declined by about 1% in 2019 compared to 2018.

Passenger vehicles accounted for about 33% of the 5,208 vehicles involved in fatal Texas crashes that year, while light trucks accounted for 43%. 18-wheelers and other heavy trucks were involved in roughly 13%, and motorcycles were involved in 8%.

The type of vehicle wasn’t known in roughly 3% of the fatal crashes.

Impairment, Lack of Restraint Use Contributed to Texas Crash Fatalities

Just over half the Texas crash deaths reported in 2019 involved the driver of a vehicle. Passengers accounted for 16%, motorcyclists for 12%, pedestrians for 18%, and bicyclists for 2%

At least 38% of the vehicle occupants killed that year weren’t using safety restraints, while at least 45% of the motorcyclists weren’t wearing helmets when they died.

Around 37% of all fatal crashes reported in the state during 2019 involved at least one alcohol-impaired driver with a BAC of .08 or higher.

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