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Greyhound Bus Crashes On I-70 in Utah Tragically Killing 13-Year-Old Girl and Injuring 12 Others

Greyhound Bus Accident Lawyers Investigating Deadly Utah Crash on I-70

A 13-year-old girl was tragically killed on New Years Eve after a Greyhound bus on which she was riding as a passenger crashed along Interstate 70, near Green River, Utah.

The teenager was travelling with her mother, who, along with 12 other passengers, was also injured in the tragic crash.

The Greyhound Bus Was Travelling from Denver to Las Vegas

The Greyhound bus crashed around 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, as it was heading west through the desert on a trip that began in Denver, Colorado.

A total of 13 people, including the driver, were aboard the Las Vegas-bound bus when it suddenly careened off the road near milepost 113, around 11:00 p.m.

According to the Utah Highway Patrol, the driver veered off the shoulder, plunging the bus into a steep wash. The bus crashed about 200 feet from the interstate.

The bus had undergone a driver shift change in Green River just prior to the crash.

Passengers Forced to Climb Out of Windows to Exit the Bus

The impact of the collision crushed the front of the bus, forcing passengers to climb through windows to escape.

“One of the passengers actually climbed out of the bus, and came up to the roadway and flagged down a truck driver, and then they actually called in the accident,” Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Steve Salas told reporters.

Greyhound Bus Driver Alleged to Have Experienced Medical Issue Just Before the Crash

Early indications suggest that road conditions did not play a role in the crash, as roads were clear and conditions were good Sunday night. No other vehicles were involved.

One passenger indicated that the driver may have experienced a medical issue just before the accident.

The Utah Highway Patrol is working to obtain video from a camera that was aboard the bus to help determine exactly what occurred.

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Having recovered the largest verdicts and settlements in Greyhound’s corporate history, our Undefeated Bus Accident Lawyers have extensive experience against Greyhound and its team of lawyers.

Most recently, our Bus Accident Lawyers reached a $6 million settlement on behalf of several Greyhound passengers who were injured after a Greyhound driver allegedly suffered a “medical episode” while driving the bus.

Our Settlement was the #1 Largest Settlement in Greyhound’s History involving a fatigued driver.

Through our extensive investigation, we discovered that the driver did not actually suffer a medical episode but, instead, likely fell asleep at the wheel.  This enabled our lawyers to obtain the first ever court-ordered overnight sleep study on a commercial bus driver.

The study revealed what we originally suspected: the Greyhound driver had been suffering from Moderate to Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea, which made him 7 times more likely to fall asleep while driving the bus.

CLICK HERE to view Ryan Zehl’s interview about the Greyhound settlement on WCPO-TV.

The #1 Largest Verdict in Greyhound’s History

Our Undefeated Bus Accident Attorneys also won an $18.8 million verdict on behalf of two passengers who were injured when a Greyhound bus rolled over while driving on icy roads.

The verdict is the # 1 largest verdict in Greyhound’s corporate history.

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Our Undefeated Bus Accident Attorneys are investigating the New Year’s eve tragedy in Utah and will post additional updates as new information becomes available.

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