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6 Injured When Greyhound Bus Crash Leads to Multiple Wrecks Along I-12 in Louisiana

Undefeated Bus Accident Lawyer Investigates Greyhound Bus Crash I-12 Louisiana.

Several people were hurt over the weekend when a Greyhound bus crashed along I-12 in Livingston Parish, Louisiana, triggering multiple wrecks in its wake.

Greyhound Bus Struck Guardrail on I-12 East

The August 3rd collision occurred shortly after 6:00 p.m., as a Greyhound bus with at least 30 passengers on board headed east on I-12 near LA 63 in Livingston.

For reasons that remain unclear, the vehicle swerved to the side of the road and struck the guardrail, triggering the chain-reaction crash.

I-12 Crashes Involved Multiple Cars and 18-Wheelers

Several other wrecks occurred in the ensuing moments, as multiple cars and 18-wheelers were unable to stop for slowing traffic.

Before long, the accident scene took up a half-mile stretch of I-12.

2 Greyhound Passengers Among 6 Treated at Local Hospitals

Paramedics transferred six people to local hospitals, including two Greyhound passengers.

Several others refused assistance at the crash scene.

So far, none of the victims have been identified. Authorities have also declined to comment on the nature of their injuries or current condition.

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