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Greyhound Bus Accident in North Carolina Injures 10


Just before 9:30 a.m. this morning, a Greyhound bus crashed into the back of a North Carolina Highway Patrol SUV sending the trooper, along with at least 10 of the 41 passengers, to Duke University Hospital for treatment of their injuries.

The trooper, reported to have suffered broken bones in the crash, had been sitting in his parked SUV blocking traffic from the scene of an earlier fatality accident when he was suddenly struck from behind by the Greyhound.

According to the North Carolina Highway Patrol, all personnel, including the trooper, had their emergency lights on and flashing at the time of the bus crash.

It remains unclear why the Greyhound bus driver was unable to slow down or avoid the trooper’s brightly-lit SUV prior to the collision.

The Greyhound bus crash, which occurred on northbound I-40/85 near Mebane, remains under investigation.

The bus driver was ticketed at the scene for failure to control his speed and reckless driving.

He was not injured in the crash.

This bus accident, like so many others before, simply never should have happened.

While Greyhound will no doubt concoct an elaborate story designed to place the blame on anyone but the company and its driver, the fact remains that this bus ran into the back of a large SUV in broad daylight with fully-activated emergency lights which were activated and flashing.

It is safe to say that this driver was either distracted, probably by his cell phone, or asleep.

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