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As Fatal Traffic Accidents Trend Upward in Texas, Houston Takes the Lead

Houston Car Accident Lawyer | Fatal Texas Traffic Accidents Rose in 2021

Deadly motor vehicle accidents are rising in Texas, and the city of Houston is at the head of the trend.

According to the most recent numbers from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), 4,480 people across the state were killed in 4,110 fatal traffic crashes during 2021. That represents a 14% increase compared to the prior year when 3,932 people died in 3,578 fatal wrecks statewide.

Overall, Texas reported 632,985 motor vehicle crashes in 2021, increasing about 87,000 (15.9%) compared to 2020.

In the city of Houston, traffic deaths increased from 275 in 2020 to 330 in 2021, representing a 20% increase. By contrast, Dallas recorded 234 deaths, San Antonio recorded 188 traffic fatalities, Fort Worth recorded 131, and Austin recorded 117 deaths.

Deadly Motor Vehicle Accidents are Rising Nationwide

Unfortunately, traffic fatalities have been rising throughout the country in recent years. In fact, deadly accidents even surged during 2020’s Coronavirus shutdowns, despite total traffic volume falling by 13% across the United States.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), three factors were behind that year’s spike, with alcohol-related crashes rising by 9% compared to 2019, speeding-related crashes climbing 11%, and fatal crashes involving unrestrained vehicle occupants increasing by 35% compared to the prior year.

Sadly, Houston’s roads and highways have grown even more dangerous in recent months. According to state data, fatal traffic accidents have already killed 60 people across the city this year, putting Houston on track to easily outpace last year’s tragic toll in 2022.

What to Do After a Houston Car Accident

Your actions immediately after a car accident could well determine whether or not you and your family receive the compensation you deserve. If you don’t act quickly, vital evidence could go missing or be destroyed, and witnesses to the crash might forget some of the most crucial details you’ll need to prove your case.

Call 911 Right Away:

Contacting 911 right after a crash is extremely important, even if it appears that no one was seriously injured. Not all crash-related injuries are immediately apparent, so it’s essential to get checked out by EMTs at the scene. The 911 operator will also dispatch police to the accident, who’ll take statements and record evidence for an official report that you’ll be able to use to prove the other driver was at fault.

Take Photos and Videos of the Crash Scene

Since the official police report might not be ready for weeks, it’s also a good idea to record and collect evidence while you’re at the crash scene – providing it’s safe, and you’re physically able to do so. Use your smartphone to take photos and videos of the vehicles involved, traffic signals and signs, highway lighting, and road conditions, including skid marks.

Get Information from Other Drivers and Witness

You should also try to collect as much information as you can from the other drivers involved, including their names, addresses, license plate numbers, and the names of their insurance carriers and policy numbers. You should also obtain names and contact information from anyone who witnessed the accident.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Always notify your insurance company when you’ve been in a car accident, even if you’re not hurt and are confident you weren’t at fault. If you fail to do so, you could be issued a detail of coverage and prevented from receiving PIP, Med-Pay, and other benefits that you’ll need to cover medical bills and other expenses.

But when talking with the adjuster, stick to the facts, avoid speculating about fault, and NEVER provide a written or recorded statement.

Never Speak with the Other Driver’s Insurance Adjuster

No matter what they might say or promise, the other driver’s insurance adjuster is only looking to avoid all responsibility by minimizing your injuries and blaming you for the car accident. You’re not obligated to speak with these people, nor should you.

Contact an Experienced Houston Car Accident Attorney:

To avoid mistakes that could cost you and your family thousands of dollars, you must hire a personal injury attorney who regularly handles car accident cases, understands the insurance company’s tactics, and won’t hesitate to go to trial when the company refuses to negotiate in good faith.

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