Texas Worker Electrocuted at Stryker Creek Power Plant

Undefeated Plant Accident Lawyer Investigates Fatal Electrocution at Luminant Stryker Creek Power Plant.

A Texas worker died tragically yesterday afternoon, following an electrical accident at Luminant’s Stryker Creek Power Plant in Cherokee County.Read More

9 Years After Deepwater Horizon Explosion, Offshore Drilling Remains “Dir...

Louisiana Offshore Injury Lawyer | Deepwater Horizon Explosion Lawyer

Nine years after the Deepwater Horizon explosion tragically killed 11 workers and seriously injured 17, a new report suggests offshoreRead More

2 Truck Accidents on I-10 Tragically Kill a Houston Resident and Injure Sev...

Undefeated Truck Accident Lawyer Investigates I-10 Crashes in Orange County and Lulling, Texas.

Texas’s Interstate 10 lived up to its reputation as one of the state’s most dangerous highways yesterday, when two commercialRead More

Federal Regulators Could be Doing More to Prevent Underride Truck Crashes

Texas 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer | Louisiana 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

A new study from the Government Accountability Office (GOA) suggests federal regulators aren’t doing nearly enough to prevent potentially deadlyRead More

Houston Drivers the Most Distracted in the Nation

Houston Car Accident Lawyer | Houston, TX Car Accident Lawyer

No other American city is quite as distracted as Houston, Texas, at least when it comes to driving. According toRead More

Workplace Deaths on the Rise, as OSHA Enforcement Lags Under President Trum...

On-the-job deaths were up sharply last year, perhaps the clearest sign yet that the Trump Administration’s continuing crusade to dismantleRead More

Permian Basin Oilfield Traffic Far Heavier Than Expected

Texas transportation officials apparently underestimated the impact of the unprecedented Permian Basin drilling boom, which has added even more oilfieldRead More

President Trump Signs Executive Orders to Speed Gas and Oil Pipeline Constr...

In yet another gift to one of his favorite industries, President Trump signed two new executive orders yesterday aimed atRead More

Undefeated Truck Accident Lawyers Recover Record $23.5 Million Settlement i...

Texas Truck Accident Lawyer Recovers Largest Settlement Against Johnson Supply & Equipment.

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Ryan Zehl has recovered a record-setting settlement for the family of a woman who was tragicallyRead More

Major Climate Change Ruling Threatens to Stall Trump’s “Energy First”...

Louisiana Oilfield Accident Lawyer | Permian Basin Oilfield Accident Lawyer

Hundreds of drilling projects across Wyoming were temporarily halted last month, after a federal judge found the U.S. Bureau ofRead More

$23.5 Million Settlement in Truck Accident

Our Undefeated Houston Truck Accident Lawyers are pleased to announce a record-setting $23.5 million settlement on behalf of a clientRead More

KMCO Chemical Plant Ordered to Suspend All Operations Following Deadly Cros...

A court has ordered KMCO to temporarily stop all operations at its Crosby, Texas, chemical plant, following a catastrophic explosionRead More

Deadly Industrial Accident Tragically Kills 2 Spitzer Industries Workers Ne...

Undefeated Plant Accident Lawyer Investigate Spitzer Industries Harris Count Accident Killed 2 Workers

Two workers died tragically last night, following an industrial accident in east Harris County, Texas, near the Houston Ship Channel.Read More

Deadly KMCO Plant Explosion, Recent Petrochemical Fires Suggest Oversight i...

Undefeated Plant Explosion Lawyer | Houston Plant Explosion Lawyer

The Houston Metro Region was hit with its third major petrochemical accident in less than three weeks on Tuesday, whenRead More

State, Federal Agencies Investigating Deadly KMCO Plant Explosion in Crosby...

Undefeated Plant Explosion Lawyer Investigates Deadly Crosby, Texas KMCO Plant Explosion.

Several state and federal agencies have deployed teams to the KMCO chemical plant in Crosby, Texas, following an enormous explosionRead More

KMCO Chemical Plant Explodes in Crosby, Texas, Tragically Killing 1 Worker ...

KMCO Chemical Plant Explosion Lawyer | Crosby, TX Plant Explosion Lawyer | Texas Plant Explosion Lawyer

An explosion tore through the KMCO chemical plant in Crosby, Texas earlier today, tragically killing one worker and injuring twoRead More

ITC Deer Park Fire Site Remains Active, Investigators Unable to Access Hot ...

Undefeated Plant Explosion Lawyer Investigates ITC Deer Park Fire Site Remains Active.

The ITC Deer Park petrochemical plant remains hazardous today, more than two weeks after a massive tank fire began sendingRead More

ITC Deer Park Petrochemical Plant Had History of Violations Long Before Tan...

Undefeated Plant Explosion Lawyer Investigates ITC Deer Park Petrochemical Plant Fire History of Violations.

The International Terminal Company’s long history of serious environmental violations is under renewed scrutiny, after a massive tank fire burnedRead More

Firefighter Tragically Killed When Helicopter Crashes in Montgomery County,...

Undefeated Helicopter Crash Attorney Investigates Fatal Montgomery County, Texas Crash.

A U.S. Forest Service firefighter died tragically yesterday afternoon, when a helicopter crashed near Lake Conroe in Montgomery County, Texas.Read More

ITC Deer Park Fire Cleanup Continues, Reignition a Threat

Undefeated Plant Explosion Lawyer Investigates ITC Deer Park Plant Fire Cleanup Continues.

Clean-up activities are well underway at the ITC Deer Park petrochemical storage terminal, more than a week after a massiveRead More


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