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Atmos Energy Gas Leak at 777 Main St. Leaves Fort Worth on Edge One Week After Sandman Hotel Explosion

One week after the catastrophic Sandman Hotel explosion, another Atmos Energy natural gas leak was detected in downtown Fort Worth, this time outside the 777 Main St. office tower nearby.  

Second Atmos Energy Gas Leak in Downtown Fort Worth in a Week 

On Tuesday, January 16, Atmos Energy technicians responded to a natural gas leak outside the 40-story  777 Main St. office tower between 6th St. and 7th St., just over 1,000 feet from the Sandman Signature in downtown Fort Worth.  

No evacuations were issued, and gas was shut off to the building as Atmost Energy technicians worked on repairs to the gas line. 

Only two businesses inside the tower use natural gas — the restaurants Grace and the Petroleum Club — and both were unable to open on Tuesday and Wednesday night for service, with one restaurant’s general manager telling the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: “I can sacrifice sales for the safety of my staff and customers.” 

Atmos Energy’s network has some of the oldest pipeline in the country. Constructed of cast-iron, those old pipes are especially vulnerable to corrosion, cracks, and other dangers that can cause gas leaks and ruptures and lead to deadly fires and explosion. 

Natural Gas Leak Suspected in Sandman Hotel Explosion 8 Days Ago 

The gas leak comes only one week following the devastating Sandman Signature Hotel explosion.  

The blast erupted at approximately 3:30 p.m. in the basement of the Sandman Signature Hotel, which houses the restaurant Musume, inside the historic W.T. Waggoner Building at 810 Houston Street in downtown Fort Worth.  

Nearly two dozen people were injured and the blast also caused two floors of the hotel to fall into the building’s sub-basement, blowing shattered glass and part of the facade onto 8th and Houston Streets.  

Fort Worth fire officials have confirmed that natural gas was involved in the Sandman hotel explosion, with the smell of gas widely reported in the area following the incident. 

Ongoing Concerns Over Safety of Atmos Energy Pipelines 

As Investigators piece together what was behind the explosion at the Sandman Signature. the mass-casualty incident has already renewed concerns over Atmos Energy’s aging network of pipelines. 

The company is connected to a number of fires and explosions that have plagued North Texas in recent years, causing more than two dozen Texas homes to blow up since 2006, killing nine people, and injuring more than 20, according to a Dallas Morning News investigation. 

Though the Texas Railroad Commission has cited Atmos Energy’s mid-Texas division for more than 2,000 alleged safety violations over the last 10 years, the company has paid less than $250,000 in penalties.  

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