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Houston Church Bus Crash Leaves 16 Injured, Mostly Children

Houston Church Bus Crash Leaves 16 Injured, Mostly Children
Church bus with steeple reflection

Sixteen people, including 13 children, were injured when a small church bus flipped over Sunday afternoon in northeast Harris County.

North Zion Baptist Church Bus Rolled Over on Uvalde Road

The December 11th crash occurred at approximately 12:00 p.m. as a bus belonging to the North Zion Baptist Church was transporting 16 people home from a service in Houston. According to media reports, the driver was attempting to navigate a curve at an apartment complex located at 90 Uvalde Road when the vehicle rolled over and landed on its side.

“We just heard a big boom, and we got to the balcony, and I called 911. I heard screaming, kids yelling help, help,” one witness told

1 Adult Bus Passenger Suffered Critical Injuries

All passengers aboard the bus were taken to area hospitals, including 13 children between the ages of 1 and 16. The 42-year-old bus driver escaped the crash uninjured.

“When our units arrived, they had to mobilize very quickly because children were kind of partially out of the bus and in different places,” Harris County Sherriff Ed Gonzalez told ABC-13 “So it was very chaotic. Initially, they were able to stabilize the situation.”

One adult was critically injured, according to Gonzalez.  The remaining passengers are expected to survive their injuries.

Houston Church Bus Driver May Have Been Speeding

The North Zion Baptist Church bus accident remains under investigation.

According to the witness interviewed by, the bus driver appeared to enter the curve at a high rate of speed just before the vehicle rolled onto its side.

“My husband and I were talking about it, saying they need to put speed bumps there because you never know there’s kids, there’s school buses that come by, and people just drive too fast,” she noted.

Sherriff Gonzalez also indicated the bus driver had been speeding. However, it does not appear that he was intoxicated or driving under the influence.

While it’s likely that the driver will be issued a citation, it’s not yet known if he’ll face any charges in connection with the crash.

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