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Paradis Phillips 66 Pipeline Explosion in Louisiana Tragically Kills 1 Worker and Severely Injures at Least 2 Others


A pipeline explosion and fire at the Phillips 66 Station in Paradis on Thursday, February 9th night left two workers injured while a third, identified as Josh Helms, tragically lost his life.

The attorneys and staff at Zehl & Associates send our deepest condolences to the family of Mr. Helms, and wish the two injured workers the best as they attempt to recover from their physical and psychological injuries.

Having Won Over $1 Billion and Successfully Represented Over 300 Pipeline and Plant workers in connection with nearly every major workplace explosion in in the past 10 years—including both the Williams Geismar and the Williams Gibson explosions— our Pipeline Explosion Lawyers understand the emotional and financial hardship that results from preventable tragedies like this one and are devoting whatever resources are necessary to determining how this explosion could have been prevented.

If You or a Loved One were Injured in the Paradis Phillips 66 Pipeline Explosion or Have Questions about the Status of Our Investigation, Call 1-888-603-3636 or Click Here

To read Ryan Zehl’s recent interview with the Houma Times about the explosion and how lax safety standards at pipelines and refineries have lead to an increasing number of preventable explosions in the Gulf Coast, click here.

According to reports, 6 workers were cleaning the pipeline, described as routine maintenance by a company spokesman, when the explosion and fire suddenly occurred.

The pipeline runs from Venice to Paradis carrying raw natural gas, a volatile liquid used to make butane and other fuels.

Our Pipeline Explosion Lawyers and team of experts are currently investigating the Paradis Pipeline explosion to determine why hydrocarbons were present in the pipeline, which should have been properly purged and cleared through a “lockout tagout”  prior to the maintenance work.

We will update this page with the results of our investigation as soon as more information becomes available.