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What To Do After a Plant or Refinery Explosion

What to Do After a Plant or Refinery Explosion | Texas Plant Explosion Lawyer

If you or someone you love were injured or tragically killed in connection with a plant or refinery explosion, you must understand that time is your enemy.

In all likelihood, your employer is already taking action to avoid responsibility for the explosion and limit your financial recovery to workers’ compensation benefits. If you don’t act quickly to protect your rights, odds are you and your family will never receive full compensation for all of your injuries and losses.

Go to the ER and Demand Medical Care of Your Choice

It’s crucial to head to the emergency room in the immediate aftermath of a plant or refinery explosion, even if you believe you weren’t hurt or suffered only minor injuries.

Some injuries aren’t always apparent in the hours after the explosion, especially when your adrenaline is running high. Seemingly minor injuries might only be the first sign that something is seriously wrong.

Employers and their insurance companies routinely cite a workers’ failure to seek emergency medical treatment as a reason to deny valid claims. A visit to the ER ensures that any injuries you did sustain are fully documented in a timely manner.

If it turns out that you were hurt in the explosion, you have the right to demand follow-up medical care with the healthcare provider of YOUR CHOICE.

Record Everything You Remember About the Explosion

As soon as you are able, take the time to write down or record everything you remember about the explosion, including anything that happened in the moments before the blast. You should also jot down the names and phone numbers of anyone else who witnessed the incident.

Finally, take steps to preserve the clothes you were wearing at the time and any other physical evidence in your possession, even if you don’t think it’s important.

Don’t Trust Your Employer to “Take Care of You”

Never place your trust – or your family’s future – in the hands of your employer or its insurance company, no matter how much they promise to “make things right” and “take care of you” after an explosion.

Regardless of what they promise, they’re only interested in protecting their bottom line by downplaying your injuries, blaming you and your co-workers for the explosion, limiting your recovery to worker’s compensation benefits, and paying you as little as possible.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you give a recorded statement, sign ANY paperwork, or accept any money from the company (other than your regular paycheck) before speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer who has successfully represented the victims of plant and refinery explosions, both in and out of the courtroom.

Keep All Doctors’ Appointments and Follow All Medical Advice

It’s extremely important that you keep all medical appointments and follow all of your doctor’s recommendations regarding your treatment and physical limitations.

Your employer, its insurance company, and its workers’ compensation provider are looking for any excuse — no matter how flimsy — to downplay the severity of your injuries and deny your claim. And they will absolutely cite any failure to follow medical advice or missed appointments as the rationale to do so.

Make sure to keep a written record of your care, including co-pays and the cost of any prescription medications and medical supplies related to your treatment.

Contact Our Undefeated Plant and Refinery Explosion Lawyers

Plant and refinery explosions are nothing like a typical workplace accident. Because these catastrophes are more likely to severely injure – and tragically kill – multiple workers, potential verdicts and settlements are usually far higher and might even break records.

For that reason, most plant and refinery operators, their insurance companies, and their teams of attorneys will do whatever it takes to avoid responsibility for your injuries, even if that means:

  • Destroying or “losing” critical evidence that proves the plant or refinery operator was responsible for the explosion and your injuries.
  • Seeking conflicting statements from your co-workers or outside “experts” in an attempt to blame you.
  • Sending you to doctors hired and paid by your employer, their insurance company, or their workers’ compensation provider to minimize the severity of your injuries.
  • Insisting that you sign documents releasing the plant or refinery company from all responsibility for the accident and your resulting injuries.
  • Hiring private investigators to follow, photograph, and videotape you and your family.
  • Using anything you or your family post on social media to blame you for the accident or dispute the seriousness of your injuries.
  • Delaying your claim and making inadequate settlement offers in an attempt to wear you down.

To avoid costly mistakes, it’s critical that you contact an Experienced Plant and Refinery Explosion Lawyer who has the experience and resources to take the plant owners and operators, knows how to locate and preserve evidence you need to prove the company was at fault, and won’t hesitate to go to trial when the company refuses to fully compensate you for all your injuries and damages.

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