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Amtrak Train Collides with 18-Wheeler at Louisiana Railroad Crossing, Tragically Killing Truck Driver

Undefeated Train Accident Lawyers Investigate Deadly Amtrak Crash at Fluker, Louisiana Railroad Crossing.

The driver of an 18-wheeler died tragically Tuesday afternoon, when his rig collided with an Amtrak train at a Louisiana railroad crossing.

The October 9th crash occurred around 2:00 p.m. at a crossing located along La. 51 in Fluker, northern Tangipahoa Parish.

The 18-wheeler driver died at the scene.

Several Amtrak Passengers Injured in Crash

98 people were aboard the Amtrak train when it collided with the truck, including several who suffered minor injuries.

It’s not yet known what caused the crash.

The Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s office continues to investigate the accident and will release additional details as they become available.

Louisiana Railroad Crossing Deaths Up Sharply in 2016

According to The Advocate, Louisiana reported 7 deadly railroad crossing accidents in 2016.

That represented a sharp uptick from the previous year, when just 2 fatal crashes were reported.

4 fatal railroad crossing accidents were reported in Louisiana during 2014, while 5 occurred in 2013.

Total numbers have yet to be compiled for 2017 and 2018.

Poorly Designed Railroad Crossings Contribute to Deadly Crashes

While railroad crossing accidents often occur because of questionable judgement on the part of motorists who believe they can beat an oncoming train, poorly designed crossings are also a major contributor to such crashes.

For example, a crossing located along La. 88 in New Iberia Parish was identified as one of the Louisiana’s most dangerous after 5 people were killed in a crash there in December 2015.

The crossing lacked lights and gates, and was only outfitted with a single warning sign and stop sign.

In 2016, two siblings died when their vehicle was struck by a train at a crossing located at La. 1 and Dorcy Road in White Castle. That crossing lacked both gates and warning signs.

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