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Fire at DCP Midstream Pipeline Injures 2 Workers in Sutton County, Texas

Undefeated Pipeline Explosion Lawyer Investigates DCP Midstream Fire Sutton County, Texas.

Two workers were injured Saturday, when a fire broke out at a pipeline in Sutton County, Texas.

Pipeline Ruptured as Workers Were Digging for New Line

The fire erupted shortly before 11:00 a.m., while DCP Midstream was replacing pipeline along County Road 406.

Apparently, the injured workers were digging for the new line when they struck the existing pipeline, causing it to rupture.

The Sutton County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that one of the workers suffered “major” injuries. So far, however, authorities have not released any other information about the victims or their current condition.

Among other things, it’s not clear if the injured workers were employed by DCP Midstream or an outside contractor.

DCP Midstream Fire Tragically Killed 2 in Colorado

DCP Midstream operates more than 64,000 miles of natural gas and natural gas liquids pipelines in 17 states.

Unfortunately, Saturday’s fire wasn’t the first serious incident involving the Denver-based company.

Nearly a year ago, three workers suffered severe burns while trying to clear a gas build-up at another DCP Midstream pipeline in Weld County, Colorado.

Tragically, two of the victims would later die from their injuries.

The U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) fined DCP Midstream and Complete Energy Services more than $79,000.00, after an investigation determined that the deadly fire could have been prevented.

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