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Permian Basin Oilfield Trucks Bring Danger to Loving County, Texas

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The Permian Basin oil boom has brought cash and jobs to hundreds of communities in Texas.

Unfortunately, that narrative isn’t playing out in Loving County, where the increasing number of oilfield trucks have contributed to an alarming rise in traffic accidents and deaths.

Driver Shortages and 6-Figure Salaries Lure Inexperienced Truckers to Permian Basin Oilfields

U.S. Route 285 – the infamous “Death Highway” — runs right through Loving, a county of just 134 residents.

Every day, roughly 10,000 semi-trucks, oil tankers, and other vehicles race along a 2-lane road ill-equipped to handle the congestion.

Truckers in the Permian Basin oilfields command an average annual salary of $100,000, largely due to a severe driver shortage. Consequently, many of the truck drivers traveling on U.S. 285 are inexperienced, overworked, or both.

Given that fact, it’s not surprising that Loving County traffic accidents have surged 400% since fracking ramped up in the oilfields.

“How can the least populated county [in the contiguous U.S.] still have 7,000 to 15,000 cars going up and down our roadways?” Sheriff Chris Busse asked during an interview with Vice News. “The state needs to do something.”

Fatigue, Speeding, and Illegal Drugs are Leading Causes of Oilfield Truck Crashes

So far this year, Loving County has recorded 7 crash fatalities. Throughout the entire Texas Permian Basin area, 46 people have died on U.S. 285 or other roads frequented by oil trucks.

In fact, oilfield truck crashes and other motor vehicle accidents are now a daily occurrence in Loving County.

According to Sherriff Busse, most of these crashes are caused by driver fatigue, speeding, or use of illegal drugs.

Loving County is too small to operate its own EMS or fire department, forcing Sheriff Busse to call on nearby Pecos or the Texas Department of Public Safety any time there’s a major accident.

He told Vice News that it often takes emergency personnel up to an hour to reach a Loving County accident scene. Houston Truck Accident Lawyer today.

Booming Oilfields Create Traffic Nightmares Throughout the Permian Basin

Unfortunately, many small communities throughout the Permian Basin have experienced similar problems as a result of the oil boom.

Eddy County, New Mexico, for example, spans 4,900 square miles and has just 4 paid fire and medical emergency responders.

During rush hour, traffic along U.S. 285 backs up from Carlsbad in Eddy County to Pecos, Texas.

What’s more, it’s not unusual for impatient drivers to use the oncoming traffic lane in an attempt to bypass the congestion.

Frequent Oilfield Truck Crashes Test Permian Basin Communities’ Limited Resources

Last year, 9 people were killed on U.S. 285 in Eddy County, where Sheriff Mark Cage recently created a new traffic department to deal with the carnage.

So far, Sherriff Cage has been able to “make do” with limited resources. He acknowledged, however, that his department has been forced to “pick and choose” its battles because of limited staffing.

The state of New Mexico is due to reap a $2 billion revenue surplus this year, thanks in large part to Eddy County and other oil-producing communities in the Permian Basin.

According to Sherriff Cage, New Mexico’s politicians must allocate more resources to Permian Basin communities if they want to keep that “golden goose” producing.

“Why not invest to ensure that the revenue continues unimpeded?” He asked, according to Vice News.

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