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Faulty Cruise Control Behind Fiat Chrysler Recall of 4.8 Million Vehicles

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Fiat Chrysler has announced a recall for 4.8 million cars, SUVs, minivans, and pickup trucks because of concerns that their cruise control systems may not turn off.

The recalled vehicles could also speed up unexpectedly.

Fiat Chrysler Recall Includes 15 Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, and Dodge Models

The Fiat Chrysler recall is one of the largest auto recalls ever issued in the United States.

A total of 15 Jeep, Ram, Chrysler and Dodge models built between 2014 and 2018 are affected:

  • 2015-17 Chrysler 200 sedan
  • 2014-18 Chrysler 300 sedan
  • 2017-18 Chrysler Pacifica minivan
  • 2015-18 Dodge Challenger coupe
  • 2014-18 Dodge Charger sedan
  • 2014-18 Dodge Journey SUV
  • 2014-18 Dodge Durango SUV
  • 2014-18 Jeep Cherokee SUV
  • 2014-18 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV
  • 2018 Jeep Wrangler (select JK and JL versions)
  • 2014-19 Ram 1500 pickup
  • 2014-18 Ram 2500 pickup
  • 2014-18 Ram 3500 pickup
  • 2014-18 Ram 3500 cab chassis
  • 2014-18 Ram 4500/5500 cab chassis

Fiat Chrysler Engineers Discovered Cruise Control Defect in October

The malfunction is most likely to occur when a vehicle accelerates under cruise control, which it may do in order to maintain speed while climbing a hill.

This could cause a short-circuit that locks the cruise control.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Fiat Chrysler engineers discovered the problem in October when they were testing torque control systems.

An internal investigation uncovered one consumer complaint involving a rented 2007 Dodge Journey.

Engineers were able to replicate the problem at a test track in March.

So far, no accidents or injuries have been linked to the recalled vehicles.

What Should Fiat Chrysler Owners Do?

Fiat Chrysler is offering a software update to correct the problem.

The company has already begun issuing notifications to affected owners. They are also being warned not to use their cruise control until their vehicles have been inspected.

Drivers who do experience this malfunction may be able to stop the vehicle by depressing the brake pedal. Once stopped, the vehicle should be placed into park.

They may also be able to:

  • Shift the transmission to neutral;
  • Forcefully apply the manual brake; and
  • Place the vehicle in park once stopped

Fiat Chrysler owners can check the NHTSA’s website to find out if their vehicle is included in this recall.

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