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How to Protect Your Legal Rights After a Truck Crash in Texas

Houston Truck Accident Injury Lawyers

According to the Department of Transportation’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System, more than 4,700 people lost their lives in large truck accidents in 2022, representing a 17 percent increase compared to accident data in 2021. If that wasn’t concerning enough, the number of people who lost their lives in large truck accidents was actually 50 percent higher in 2022 when compared to accident data the previous year.

There are a variety of large trucks that are involved in serious crashes with smaller passenger vehicles on Texas’s roads and highways. Unfortunately, the occupants of the smaller vehicle usually bear the brunt of the harm and damage. 

If you or a loved one suffered an injury in an accident with a box truck, cement truck, tractor-trailer, or any other large commercial vehicle, it’s important that you immediately take steps to protect your rights, before the trucking company starts losing or destroying important evidence.

Having successfully represented thousands of truck and 18 wheeler accident victims across Texas and the United States, our Undefeated Houston Truck Accident Attorneys not only know what evidence to look for and how to use it to prove that the trucking company and/or driver is responsible for the crash, but we also have the resources to take on any trucking company, no matter how large, and not only win – but set records.

Box Truck Accidents

Box trucks are typically used to help move people from Point A to Point B. They often have different sizes and types, ranging from Class 3 to Class 7. Since these types of trucks are typically used for one-off situations (e.g., moving to a new area), they generally do not require the operator to have a commercial license. This means, in many instances, a box truck accident is caused by an inexperienced operator who may be more accustomed to operating a smaller SUV or sedan. In other situations, box trucks may be involved rollover accidents and blind spot accidents.

In a rollover, the box truck tips onto its side or roof. Often box truck drivers don’t have enough experience to drive the truck safely, as is the case with renting a U-Haul box truck. Taking a turn at too fast a speed often results in a rollover.

A blind spot accident occurs in the area where the box truck operator cannot see while inside the vehicle. Oftentime, it is challenging for box truck drivers to see in their rear quarter behind the truck. If they attempt to change lanes, they may do so without knowing they are going to hit another vehicle, which can result in a catastrophic accident.

Cement Truck Accidents

Cement trucks are large, top-heavy vehicles featuring drums that mix and carry concrete. Sharp blades and constant rotation keep the cement in the drum from hardening as the truck travels to its destination. The size and weight of a cement truck is enormous. For example, many cement trucks are capable of carrying around 40,000 pounds of concrete. As a result, if the operator of a cement truck makes an unsafe lane change, encounters an equipment malfunction, or has to suddenly brake due to a road hazard, the ramifications could include a serious, life-altering accident. All it takes is a split second for a cement truck operator to lose control of a vehicle due to being distracted, under the influence of alcohol, or simply not checking before changing lanes for tragedy to occur. 

There is no excuse for negligence on the road, including negligent actions, or inactions, by cement truck operators. The cement truck operator, and by extension the truck company, should be held accountable.

Dump Truck Accidents

Dump trucks are incredibly-large vehicles that are often used at construction sites and other commercial operations. They’re routinely equipped with open-box beds hinged at the back featuring hydraulic lifts at the front, which are used to deposit materials being transported from Point A to Point B. In many instances, dump trucks can carry anywhere between 13,000 and 28,000 pounds of materials. 

When massive vehicles like a dump truck collide with a smaller vehicle, the consequences can be devastating for the occupants of the smaller vehicle. Injuries that are often associated with dump truck accidents include:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Bone fractures
  • Spinal cord injury (e.g., paralysis)
  • Internal organ damage
  • Whiplash
  • Amputation/loss of limb
  • Torn ligaments 

Garbage Truck Accidents

Garbage trucks, also known as waste collection vehicles, are enormous and difficult to maneuver. Garbage trucks have large blind spots and require experienced drivers to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. If a garbage truck operator is untrained or reckless while behind the wheel, the consequences are often devastating. 

Tanker Truck Accidents

Tanker trucks, also referred to as gas trucks or tank trucks, feature a cylindrical container instead of a box, flat, or rectangle-shaped container. A common type of tank truck is one that transports fuel to gas stations.

In many cases, tank trucks are used to transport water, chemicals, oil, concrete, or other liquids. In the event of an accident, these hazardous chemicals can spill and sometimes catch fire or cause explosions. In the event that a tank truck is involved in an accident, the hazardous material team will often show up to contain any hazardous chemicals that the truck was carrying. If the load was pressurized, this may also pose additional threats.

When tanker trucks are not properly maintained or are driven by inexperienced and reckless drivers, they lead to serious, and often fatal, collisions.

Tow Truck Accidents

Tow trucks – also known as wreckers – are designed to transport other disabled vehicles.

Tow trucks can be difficult to operate and maneuver, particularly when they’re towing another vehicle.

As a result, tow truck accidents can occur when:

  • Tow truck operators are tired or overworked;
  • The towing equipment is defective or improperly maintained;
  • The tow truck operator failed to properly secure the disabled vehicle to the tow truck;
  • Tow truck drivers are inexperienced or careless; and/or
  • Tow truck drivers are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs

Holding a Truck Company Responsible for Causing a Serious Accident

As explained above, truck drivers can cause serious and fatal injuries. They may be driving too fast, tired, or distracted. But what many people don’t realize is that it’s not just the driver who’s to blame – it’s also the company that allowed that driver behind the wheel.

Below are just a few situations where a trucking company will be held liable for its own negligence in causing or contributing to the crash:

  • Negligent Hiring: The truck company hired a driver with a history of abusing alcohol or other illicit substances, or had a driving record reflecting multiple accidents or traffic citations.
  • Negligent Retention: The truck company decided to retain a driver on staff who had a series of moving violations and/or traffic citations.
  • Negligent Maintenance: The truck company failed to properly maintain the hydraulic brakes, tires, or other equipment on the semi-trailer, 18-wheeler, or big rig.

Determining the Cause of a Truck Accident

When we’re hired after a truck accident, we immediately put together a team of investigators, accident reconstruction specialists, and engineers to go to the scene and start gathering important evidence.

In addition to inspecting the scene, our truck accident lawyers will quickly obtain the driver’s logbook and compare them to maintenance and loading logs, bills of lading, trip envelopes, truck driver receipts, witness accounts, and physical evidence, which allows us to determine what caused the collision and how it could – and should – have been prevented.

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