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Fiery 18-Wheeler Crash Leaves 1 Dead, Another Seriously Injured Along I-30 in Garland, Texas

Texas Truck Accident Lawyer | I-30 Garland 18-Wheeler Accident 1 Dead

Two 18-wheelers were involved in a fiery wreck along Interstate 30 in Garland, Texas, earlier this week, tragically killing one person and leaving another seriously injured.

18-Wheeler Collided with Big Rig Parked on Highway Shoulder

The November 1st accident occurred around 4:50 a.m. near Zion Road.

According to Garland Police, a westbound 18-wheeler collided with another big rig parked along the highway shoulder. The force of the collision sent both trucks into the retaining wall and caused one to burst into flames.

A passing motorist who witnessed the crash managed to pull two people from the burning 18-wheeler.

“I didn’t see what caused it, but I saw the accident happen,” that individual said. “And I realized I was the only person there at the moment. I jumped out, and I realized the driver had his head and hands out of the window. The whole cab of the truck was just smashed.”

Water Cannon Used to Extinguish 18-Wheeler Fire

Both victims were transported to area hospitals, including one person who later died of their injuries. The second occupant of the burning truck is expected to recover.

The individual driving the parked 18-wheeler was treated for minor injuries at the scene.

Firefighters had to use a water cannon to extinguish the intense flames, and a hazmat team was called in to clean up spilled fuel. A load of plastic palettes hauled by one of the trucks was still smoldering nearly four hours after the crash.

All westbound lanes of I-30 near Zion Road remained closed until roughly 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

So far, it’s not clear what caused the deadly collision. An investigation is ongoing.

18-Wheeler Driver Among Nation’s Most Dangerous Jobs

Because truck driving is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country, injuries and deaths involving 18-wheeler occupants are an all-too-frequent occurrence.

In Texas, for example, the occupants of large trucks accounted for 4.7% of all traffic fatalities reported in the state during 2018, one of the worst rates in the nation.

Across the country, 831 truck drivers died on the job that year– the most among any detailed occupations. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, truck drivers and driver/sales workers had the most work-related deaths of any broad occupation group, at 966.

Truckers also ranked first for deaths among independent workers in 2018, with 96 fatalities.

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