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Texas Sees Equivalent of One Drunk Driving Death Every Nine Hours

Houston Car Accident Lawyer | Texas Drunk Driving Death Every 9 Hours

Drunk drivers continue to make Texas’ roads and highways unsafe for everyone.

According to new statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), 963 people across the Lone Star State were killed in drunk driving accidents last year alone.

That’s the equivalent of one drunk driving fatality every nine hours somewhere in Texas.

Drunk Driving Has Long Been a Problem in Texas

“Drinking and driving can lead to tragic consequences that are 100% preventable,” said TxDOT Executive Director Marc Williams. “These consequences involve individuals who made the unfortunate decision to drink and drive along with many innocent victims of those decisions.  This is why it is critical to always plan ahead for a sober ride through a designated driver, taxi, ride-share app, or simply by staying where you are. Drinking and driving do not mix.”

According to one recent analysis, Texas reported 7.76 drunk driving deaths per 100,000 residents between 2016 and 2018 – the fourth-highest rate among all 50 states. What’s more, the Houston Metro Region consistently ranks among the worst in the country for drunk driving fatalities.

TxDOT recently launched the “Faces of Drunk Driving” campaign to share stories of Texans who deal with the consequences of a drunk driving crash every day. Events will include an exhibit of powerful testimonials on video in English and Spanish.

Tips to Avoid Drunk Driving Over the Labor Day Weekend

With Labor Day just around the corner, officials are also reminding Texans to avoid driving drunk and to find a sober ride if they plan to drink during their weekend celebrations:

  • Plan Ahead: Know how you’re getting home before you start drinking.
  • Take Turns as a Designated Driver: Travel in one vehicle when you’re heading out with friends and choose a designated driver who will not drink ANY alcohol.
  • Use a Rideshare Service: Leave your car at home and call a rideshare service to and from the bar. Be prepared by having the rideshare app downloaded on your phone and your phone battery fully charged before going out.
  • Call a Friend: Call a friend or family member for a ride if you’ve overindulged. Otherwise, you might end up calling someone for bail after getting a DWI.
  • Sleep it Off: Not everyone who drives drunk is coming from a bar. If you’ve been drinking at a house party, family gathering, or holiday celebration, ask your host if you can sleep it off on their couch.
  • Don’t Drink: Don’t feel like you have to drink to enjoy Labor Day celebrations, especially if you know you’ll be driving yourself home.

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