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Offshore Worker who Suffered Third Degree Burns Thanks Zehl & Associates for Substantial Settlement


Find out how the Texas Offshore Injury Lawyers at Zehl & Associates, PC helped an injured maritime worker, suffering from burn and back injuries, recover a settlement that was substantially more than ever expected.

Injured While Working Offshore

“I was working on a jackup rig as a cook. I fell, burnt over 80 percent of my back. I hurt two discs in my lower back. It was really painful.”

How The Injury Affected You And Your Family

“It was really hard on me and my family, mostly my family because I couldn’t provide for them.”

My Company’s Response

“The company that I trusted so much, they abandoned me. Every time I called them and tried to get them to pay medical bills, or try to help me with even groceries or whatever, they wouldn’t respond to me. They’d just tell me somebody would get back with me.”

The company wasn’t concerned about how I was doing. They just kept trying to rush me back to work.”  “Two days after the accident, they was telling me that I’ll be back to work in two weeks. They were just trying to keep from reporting my injury to the Coast Guard, so they wouldn’t get in trouble. They had no concern with my injuries, my family, or what was going on with me.”

I Realized I Had To Protect Myself And My Family

“I had two choices. I could have hired a lawyer or I could lose everything. I decided to take that step and hire a lawyer.”

Why I Chose The Maritime Lawyers At Zehl & Associates

“I looked on the Internet, I found the lawyers, Zehl & Associates, PC. I did a little research on them, gave them a call. When I talked to them they told me they would fly to my house, they’d be there that night. I really was impressed with…when I explained it to my wife, she laughed at me and said, “Ain’t nobody flying here.” She did. The guys showed up. They were down-to-earth guys. We talked. They told me they’d help me out, and they’re going to help me through this.”

My Experience With Zehl & Associates

“Best decision I ever made, having my medical treatment by sending to some of the best doctors, the burn specialists and best back doctors you can get. I really had a good relationship with them guys. They looked out for me real good.”

Zehl & Associates Was Always There For Us

“When I had trouble paying bills I could call up Zehl & Associates, PC, and I had a check the next day to pay the bill. Zehl & Associates, PC was able to get right on things, get a trial date, and get me the recovery that I couldn’t imagine that I was going to get.  It’s really a blessing that I hired Zehl & Associates, PC. Most lawyer stories you hear, guys offshore just say most lawyers, they’re just out for the money. They’re not trying to treat you good. They really just do all the wrong things, Not with Zehl & Associates, PC. Zehl & Associates, PC really took care of me.”

I’d Recommend Zehl & Associates To Anyone Who Was Injured

“I would recommend Zehl & Associates, PC to all of my friends and family members, any of my coworkers that work offshore that get hurt. If you’re in need of a lawyer or a maritime lawyer, you need to contact Zehl & Associates, PC.  Thank you, Zehl & Associates, PC. I really appreciate it.”

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