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Explosion at Texas City Hydrogen Plant Leaves One Injured


Authorities in the Lone Star State are investigating an explosion at a Texas City hydrogen plant that left one person injured yesterday morning.

Praxair Hydrogen Plant Explosion Felt by Texas City Residents

The June 11th explosion erupted around 11:45 at the Praxair Inc. hydrogen production complex located at 703 6th Street. While the blast did not spark a fire and was characterized as small, the explosion was strong enough to alarm those living nearby.

“We got calls from residents who felt the explosion,” Tom Munoz, emergency management coordinator for Texas City, told the Galveston News.

Investigation Focused on 10-Inch Nitrogen Line Rupture

There were no fatalities connected with the incident, but one person was hurt. Munoz did not identify the individual but indicated their injuries were minor.

The rupture of a 10-inch nitrogen line apparently triggered the blast. Investigators are still working to determine what caused the line to rupture.

Texas City Explosion Was Praxair’s Third Since 2005

Praxair Inc. is a leading industrial gas company in North and South America and one of the largest in the world. Headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut, the company operates facilities in several states, including California, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, New York, and Texas.

In 2009, an explosion and fire forced Praxair to shut down a hydrogen plant located at the Motiva Enterprises refinery in Port Arthur, Texas. While no one was injured, the damage to the hydrogen facility was said to be extensive.

Four years earlier, in 2005, a massive explosion at a Praxair gas cylinder filling and distribution center in St. Louis, Missouri, forced workers and nearby residents to evacuate for several hours. While dozens of exploding cylinders were launched into the surrounding community and struck nearby homes, buildings, and cars, there were no injuries or deaths.

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