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21 Injured in Gas Explosion at Sandman Signature Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas  

At least 21 people were injured in a suspected major gas explosion at the Sandman Signature hotel on Houston Street in downtown Fort Worth on Monday afternoon, January 8. 

Several in Critical Condition After Explosion

The explosion occurred before 3:32 p.m. at Sandman Signature hotel, with emergency workers responding to nearly two dozen injuries, though the severity and types of injuries remain unknown at this time as does the exact number of injured.  

The blast blew out windows, brought down part of the building’s facade, and there are reports of a possible floor collapse. But the impact on the victims of this horrific event is not yet known. 

Fort Worth police advised people in to stay away from the downtown area, declaring the explosion “a Major Incident.”  Authorities set up a family reunification area at 200 5th Street for those looking for a missing loved one. 

During a media briefing shortly before 5 p.m., Fort Worth Police confirmed the “smell of gas” in downtown Fort Worth, potentially indicating a gas leak. They also upgraded the event to a “mass casualty incident” — 21 patients were reportedly assessed. One has critical injuries, two have serious injuries, and eighteen victims total were being transported to area hospitals.  Another person was reportedly missing.

A preliminary investigation is now underway, but it is still unclear if a gas leak caused the explosion.

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