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R&R Commodities Grain Elevator Collapse Kills Worker, Injures 2 Others

R&R Commodities Grain Elevator Collapse | Texas Wrongful Death Lawyer

A worked was tragically killed and two others hospitalized following a grain elevator collapse that set off a frantic search for survivors in Tynan, Texas, yesterday afternoon.

Grain Elevators Ruptured and Falls Onto 18-Wheelers in Tynan, Texas

The Independence Day tragedy occurred shortly after 4:00 p.m. at R&R Commodities, a facility located along Highway 359 roughly 50 miles northwest of Corpus Christi. According to the Bee County Sherriff’s Office, “several” workers were initially reported trapped when a pair of grain silos ruptured and fell on top of two 18-wheelers.

First responders from multiple nearby counties, along with Texas Parks and Wildlife game wardens, mounted an hours-long search for the missing, which one official described as a “massive team effort” with “guys working as fast as they could, as hard as they could.”

Grain Elevator Collapse Survivors Hospitalized in Corpus Christi

Two individuals were eventually rescued, including one person taken to CHRISTUS Spohn Shoreline by ambulance. A HALO-Flight was called in to airlift the second worker to the same hospital.

The search and rescue effort sadly came to an end around 7:00 p.m. when the remains of a third worker were recovered from the wreckage.

Authorities have not identified the victims of yesterday’s collapse, and they have yet to release any details regarding the condition of the hospitalized workers.

Grain Elevator Accidents On the Rise in U.S.

So far, it’s not clear what caused yesterday’s fatal grain silo collapse in Tynan, Texas. However, such incidents often result from structural deficiencies and other preventable factors, including:

  • Foundation deterioration
  • Deficient roof beams
  • Improper material filling and unloading procedures
  • Silo wall delamination or deterioration
  • Silo discharge cone or bin floor issues
  • Corrosion and buckling (typical for steel silos)

Unfortunately, accidents involving grain elevators, silos, and bins are becoming increasingly common in the United States. According to Perdue University’s Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department, there were no fewer than 42 grain-related entrapments reported in 2022, a 44.8% increase over 2021 and the highest number of such incidents in a decade.

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