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Record-Setting Texas Construction Accident Settlement


Record-Setting Settlement for Worker Who Lost Leg in Texas Construction Accident

James’s life was forever changed when his leg was run over by a skid steer on a construction site. He was rushed to the ER, where he underwent emergency surgery, but the doctors had no choice but to amputate his leg below the knee.

His company, who he had worked with for almost 10 years, refused to take responsibility and blamed James for the life-changing accident.

After turning down multiple low-ball settlement offers, we took his case to trial. We quickly proved that the company was at fault and presented numerous witnesses who discussed the effect that this preventable accident had on James’s and his family’s lives.

The company, realizing they were losing, ended up settling the case just before closing arguments for over 20 times the previous settlement offers.

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We were drilling holes for a bridge job in Cleburne, Texas.

It was me and a couple guys, working by the whole. We were measuring, moving dirt, there was a skid steer coming in taking the equipment up in the dump truck. Next thing you know, I’m on the ground ran over. The skid steer hit me. It ran over my left leg.

I was just standing there doing my job, for them to blame me, I just, I don’t understand.

They fought. They made sure they had all their I’s dotted, T’s crossed. Assuming they wouldn’t take fault, so they’re going to try to place blame on any and whoever they can, assuming they would just go for James.

It’s changed me as a person. I had to learn how to walk again. At different times I was bedrist, couldn’t walk. My kids didn’t like it. My seven-year-old daughter took it the hardest. She just didn’t understand at all what had happened or you know, why, why me. Even I still think to this day, “why me”.

It was hard. It was a helping him bathe, helping him to the restroom, cooking non-stop, cleaning non-stop.

I really didn’t feel like a dad. I felt like one of my wife’s kids. I mean, she had to fend for me, I mean I couldn’t fend for them or even her or myself. I mean it wasn’t a good feeling. I couldn’t imagine being in her shoes trying to do what she did and I’m just really thankful for that. I knew that I wasn’t going to get better quick, and that it was a pretty bad injury. At that point I got to think about the kids and the wife and you know moving forward with them I started doing some I guess looking. Zehl caught my eye, so I gave Zehl a call and told him about my story. I asked if it would be something they could help and they said yes.

They assured us they had our back, no matter what. You needed something you needed a question, anything, never hesitated to ask and it was like right back.

Anytime we got in a bind or need assistance, I would talk to Zehl and Associates and they got me what I needed quick. Could have been help with rent, help making a car payment.

Yes they were working for us but it was like family.

Zehl & Associates really set the bar high.

After the first day they made a better offer than any time before.Every day just got, I guess, better and better for me.

I think finally seeing everything and hearing our side and seeing all the jury, how they reacted to everything. Coming in all they really knew was their side. They never heard everything he went through, everything I went through, everything we went through as a whole. I think they finally were like, “Wow”. I don’t think we have a shot here, we might as well do what we can now.

I mean I think we maxed out all possibilities for settling before, so, it exceeded we thought my case was worth the whole time.

We owe them so much. We loved every last bit of them. Ryan, Matt, all of them, they will help you how they can and they will win it for you!

For all the pain and suffering and everything that’s going on, it really helped change my life for the better. They were there no matter what.